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File: Power Auras Classic09-10-12
Did you remember to check the Comba...
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Did you remember to check the Combat box for the timer aura aswell? That option is not present in the new 5.0 Power Auras. It simply says that it inherits ALL the activation reqs that the parent does and gives you nothing to change other than 'Invert'.
File: Power Auras Classic09-05-12
Hey, thanks for all the hard work -...
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Hey, thanks for all the hard work - I love this addon and have been using it for ages. But I do have a one lil' problem with the brand new, remade Power Auras: I have spell off cooldown aura that displays an aura when its usable - that part works fine. But, I want to create a timer that appears when the parent aura disappears when...
File: Bongos212-15-07
Re: Re: How to move?
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Originally posted by erica647 The roll bar frame is to allow you to move and resize the roll frame (when you're in a group and see a bar appear to allow you to roll on an item). As far as moving the tooltip, there are mods that will allow you to do that. Tinytip and Cowtip are a few I can think of right now. Hey, thanks for t...
File: Bongos212-14-07
How to move?
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Perhaps I'm a noob but I have two issues with this otherwise great mod: the "roll" bar or whatever that is seems to do absolutely nothing and this http://img171.imageshack.us/my.php?image=modbarissueskh8.jpg how do I move that cursed tooltip frame so it does not cover all my action bars? Thanks for your replies!