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File: Power Auras Classic04-16-10
You alive?
Posted By: Kawolski
Hey Smacker, you still alive there buddy? We miss you!
File: Power Auras Classic05-10-09
Posted By: Kawolski
Found a bug with timers: When you copy or import/export auras, the timer settings reset to all default settings.
File: Power Auras Classic05-10-09
Originally posted by Lane One thi...
Posted By: Kawolski
Originally posted by Lane One thing I did for this was to put my auras on two different pages. Then I just shift-click all on one page to turn them off and all "on" on the other page. That'd be really cool if shift-clicking the page label would turn on/off every aura on that page. :)
File: Power Auras Classic12-30-08
DK pet issue
Posted By: Kawolski
I'm having problems trying to get a symbol to display when my unholy Death Knight's pet ghoul is below a certain amount of health. I've tried using the Unitname "playerpet", but that doesn't seem to work. Any advice?
File: Power Auras Classic09-04-08
Originally posted by Dridzt #4 wi...
Posted By: Kawolski
Originally posted by Dridzt #4 will think about it... same as for 1+2 I'd rather wait to see what's happening with purge/dispell/spellsteal buffs in general in wow 3.x first, to gauge the usefulness of having aura trigger for enemy buffs. #5 + #7 are probably not going to happen. There's mods that do just that (enemy spell a...
File: Power Auras Classic09-02-08
This is an awesome add-on! There a...
Posted By: Kawolski
This is an awesome add-on! There are some things I wish the mod would do that would make it even better: 1) Activation by target creature type or class (demon, undead, hunter, etc.). 2) Activation by target name 3) "Only if not in combat" bug fixed. If you create a new aura and select "Only if not in combat", it will igno...
File: LightHeaded12-10-07
Great mod! :) Is it possible if...
Posted By: Kawolski
Great mod! :) Is it possible if the comments were sorted by their rating so the highest rated comments are first since they're usually the ones that contain the coordinates and useful info?