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File: HealBot Continued01-26-11
Long Word of Glory
Posted By: Patraklis
How do i add or you need to add Long Word of Glory to the Buff monitoring.
File: Extra Bars03-28-10
Added feature
Posted By: Patraklis
Thank you I love this addon. And would like to ask if it possible for you to add 1 feature to your position the bar horizontally or vertically setup that we can make it change number of columns Exp: Vertical two wide or horizontally two wide. Because right now the way I have it set up on my UI I need to use 2 of the extra bars s...
File: Karma (player tracking/LFG tool)12-20-09
Cross realms
Posted By: Patraklis
Will this addon keep track of player from other realm With this New LFG It hard to know if the player from other realm are player you ever want to play with again.
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames02-02-08
Focus Target
Posted By: Patraklis
OK I discovered if you save global setting with one character and then load a new character and save a new global setting and leave game when you return to game with the second character it messes up the Focus target to fix it I had to go back to first character and reload global setting for that character and it fixes the Focus targ...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames01-24-08
Focus / Pet target Help
Posted By: Patraklis
Perl Classic Unit Frames V 2.14 I removed old one and reinstalled this one to make sure there was no interference with V 2.14 Focus Frame is not showing my focus target but it shows my current target or nothing at all sometimes. ?? And it would be nice to be able to scale my pets target if you can please add that ability. I s...