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File: AuctionFilterPlus (fan's update 5.4.7)12-08-11
I've been going nuts without this t...
Posted By: Longarms
I've been going nuts without this thing. Thanks for the update! Is it possible to add an option to set Auction Time and Per Unit/Item defaults?
File: BankItems11-29-11
Void Storage
Posted By: Longarms
Hopefully you'll add this, too!
File: Capping11-29-11
Definitely doesn't work in 4.3
Posted By: Longarms
Hopefully there's an update coming!
File: Swindler Preventer11-22-11
BoA Items
Posted By: Longarms
What I'd like to see is a tooltip saying (e.g.): Guardian Cub Sold for $10 Blizzard Pet Store Or somesuch, as it would not at all surprise me if there were more of these coming. This way you can at least decide if that much gold is worth that much money to you :)
File: Tol Barad and Wintergrasp sound (TBandWG)08-09-11
I hope this thing works, I keep mis...
Posted By: Longarms
I hope this thing works, I keep missing TB due to lack of alert sound.
File: Broker Played Time07-21-11
Posted By: Longarms
Date: 2011-07-21 11:22:13 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...rface\AddOns\Broker_PlayedTime\Broker_PlayedTime.lua line 104: attempt to call method 'replace' (a nil value) Debug: : replace() ...rface\AddOns\Broker_PlayedTime\Broker_PlayedTime.lua:104: ...rface\AddOns\Broker_PlayedTime\Broker_Pl...
File: InfoBar06-02-11
Looks like the same error. Try agai...
Posted By: Longarms
Looks like the same error. Try again with the posted fix is all I can suggest.
File: InfoBar04-27-11
Error in 4.1
Posted By: Longarms
Getting the same errors here Add "hideCaster, " to the list of parameters in line 2793 just after "event, " from: local function IB_DPS_ParseEvent(timestamp, event, srcGUID, srcName, srcFlags, dstGUID, dstName, dstFlags, ...) to local function IB_DPS_ParseEvent(timestamp, event, hideCaster, srcGUID, srcName, srcFlags, dstGUI...
File: Honor Kill Tab01-03-11
How about adding a line for untrack...
Posted By: Longarms
How about adding a line for untracked battlegrounds, which would be Total - World - BG. For me, that's the vast majority of the HKs
File: ProKeybinds11-23-10
Been wanting something like this fo...
Posted By: Longarms
Been wanting something like this for a while now. Hunter aspects, while no longer on the action bar, still need to be if you want to keybind them. Now, via Dominos, that bar can be hidden AND the keybind will work even without the addon. woot.
File: Dominos11-21-10
Class Bar
Posted By: Longarms
The main reason I use Dominos is that it uses the Blizz buttons. Which means, when something breaks and I have to disable it, everything is at least still on the bar I thought it was. (I know, this means I can't use bars 6-10) Anyway, I was curious as to why you're not using the Blizz buttons for the Class Bar. Mostly, for me, thi...
File: xMerchant11-21-10
Originally posted by Bitterness A...
Posted By: Longarms
Originally posted by Bitterness Any chance you could add an option to hide items that you cannot use based on class/armor type? I'd like to see this as well. As a Hunter, merely because I can wear cloth does not mean I want it green in the list. For that matter, the ability to entirely suppress the reds (or at least sort them t...
File: AutoTracking09-08-10
Posted By: Longarms
This AddOn will be stupidly useful in Cat
File: RicoMiniMap08-31-09
Mail Icon
Posted By: Longarms
Doesn't seem to want to STAY off
File: Rune-It-All08-24-09
Originally posted by Xzatly since...
Posted By: Longarms
Originally posted by Xzatly since last update, there is no Rune Texture anymore, I have only the grey "circles" texture (blank inside). Same here
File: RicoMiniMap08-22-09
Button Scale
Posted By: Longarms
How about a separate ButtonScale, which could default to the same value as the MiniMap scale, as I like my map at 125% but the buttons at 90%. Just a thought :)
File: RicoMiniMap08-21-09
Re: Tracking-Icon resetted
Posted By: Longarms
Originally posted by Kevatio The tracking-icon will be reset everytime i relog or starts game new or something like this... how can i fix it? screen: http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/9704/minimapproblem.jpg Actually, I am having this problem as well. I didn't realize it sooner, as I dont (generally) move the button.
File: RicoMiniMap08-18-09
Originally posted by Ricowan As f...
Posted By: Longarms
Originally posted by Ricowan As far as re-sizing the tracking button... this is the size that Blizzard made it, I didn't make it bigger than it is supposed to be. I could add a new option to make it smaller, but that would present problems when the minimap itself is resized, since the minimap buttons scale with the minimap itself...
File: Capping07-11-09
Originally posted by yoshimo Loca...
Posted By: Longarms
Originally posted by yoshimo Localisation has changed, so it would be useful to know your clients locale. US WG Timer should use the Blizzard-Api which until 3.2 only reports WG Time if you happen to be in northrend if i remember correctly. The previous version kept track of wingtergrasp across toons and logins, regardle...
File: Capping07-10-09
It is mostly useless on the live se...
Posted By: Longarms
It is mostly useless on the live servers now. Its not tracking timers in Eye of the Storm. Nor is it keeping track of the Wintergrasp Timer unless the toon you are on happens to be in Northrend. At that point, I reinstalled the previous version.
File: Rune-It-All05-30-09
Erm... It looks like you forgot to...
Posted By: Longarms
Erm... It looks like you forgot to include the actual RuneMover in the archive. At least RPText doesn't APPEAR to move the rune frame...
File: WinterTime05-23-09
Autokick is just... silly.
Posted By: Longarms
Autokick is just... silly.
File: Turn In05-18-09
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Added to TurnIn.lua: BINDING_HEADER_TIHEADER = "Turn-In"; BINDING_NAME_TITOGGLE = "Toggle Turn-In"; Created bindings.xml: TI_Switch("toggle");
File: Capping05-14-09
Posted By: Longarms
How about having it request a sync automatically when you zone into a bg? Just a thought, after i had to hunt down Request Sync after getting in to a well underway AV
File: Capping05-08-09
1h45 seems readable... that's 1 hou...
Posted By: Longarms
1h45 seems readable... that's 1 hour 45 minutes.