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File: Glyph UI - 6.2 | New Rogue Weak Auras!07-30-15
Great UI. Ive been waiting a long...
Posted By: Catscan
Great UI. Ive been waiting a long time to find a UI like this. But ive some issues with weak auras for my Shdow Priest. I importet the bottom and top row. But they dont work like they should. For example the top row: There are three icons for all the dots i have. They are all grey, cause nothing is on my target. So when i put...
File: Carbon UI - DPS / Heal / Tank06-28-11
UI destroyed
Posted By: Catscan
I installed your UI severeal minutes ago. I switcht the resolution to 1920*1080 and turned a little bit the textures and bars. After updating the addons by the Curse-client my UI is totally destroyed. Any idea which addons are responsible for that?