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File: oUF_Elen01-04-11
Any way to disable or do something...
Posted By: iammike
Any way to disable or do something about the casting bars being right on top of the mana bar? Makes it difficult to see my mana at a glance when my ever going cast bars are mostly covering it up.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)02-02-09
Originally posted by zoktar same...
Posted By: iammike
Originally posted by zoktar same prob with castbar. Same here....this is my one problem with the UI because it's hard to see the castbar for Steady Shot since I tend to spam the button inbetween my other shots.
File: Ara Broker Money01-07-09
I loaded the errors but...
Posted By: iammike
I loaded the errors but it doesn't display anywhere on my screen. I've moved things around to make sure it wasn't hiding but I can't find it for the life of me. Any clues?
File: TotemManager10-19-08
Tremor Totem is a 2 Minute totem bu...
Posted By: iammike
Tremor Totem is a 2 Minute totem but TM reports it with a 5 Minute bar.