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File: Quest Completist v0.9312-05-10
Awesome Addon!! While I understand...
Posted By: wolflrv
Awesome Addon!! While I understand you're still working on this and adding more quest data..can I add a suggestion to sort quests by level at least. Other than that...it's working great for me!! Thx for taking the time!!
File: UberQuest10-16-08
awesome!! Thx for the update! I loa...
Posted By: wolflrv
awesome!! Thx for the update! I loaded it up and it works like a charm!!
File: LightHeaded10-15-08
Ok..I got Lightheaded to work...ins...
Posted By: wolflrv
Ok..I got Lightheaded to work...install Lightheaded, Doublewide and if you want quest lvls add Levelator to the mix and you should be set.
File: UberQuest10-15-08
Any word on if this will be updated...
Posted By: wolflrv
Any word on if this will be updated for 3.0? I've really been using it heavily..and feel rather lost without it.!