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File: Tidy Plates: Lucky Charms08-08-11
Someonnnneeeeee please fix this so...
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Someonnnneeeeee please fix this so it works... It was my fav out of all of them! =(=(=(
File: Recipe Book12-15-07
I installed this addon and it makes...
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I installed this addon and it makes my game crash every time. I had to turn it off, but I <3 it so much! =(
File: PerfectRaid08-08-07
Originally posted by Cladhaire Yo...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire You need to enable these for the specific raid frame you're using, i.e: /praid go to the Raid Frames tab click the frame you'd like to edit click "edit" check "show hp deficit" and set the size of the mana bar. Well I figured that much, but I can't find the box.
File: PerfectRaid08-03-07
Okay so ummm...for some reason I ca...
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Okay so ummm...for some reason I can only get it to show up when someone is in my party. I grouped with a guy and if I moved him out of my group both of our icons disappeared. I can't seem to get the groups to show up. I'm not sure if I just need more people in the group or what. I tried to change the settings in the GUI editor but t...