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File: SimpleVignette09-24-13
Quick question, does this only scan...
Posted By: DeathMaster
Quick question, does this only scan for the 'rare mob' icon, or for actual NPC ID's from the cache? In other words, will this repeatedly warn for the same mob, say.. two hours later, without the need for any reset?
File: AvgItemLvl10-26-12
Re: inspect window bug
Posted By: DeathMaster
I have the same problem as Olena. It's really really annoying, and is definitely caused by AvgIlvl. I've loved this addon, but.. if this doesn't get fixed soon I think I'll start looking at the alternatives. Edit: Seems fixed now. Thanks for the update. Really, thanks a ton. Keep up the good work!
File: XPPercent10-15-10
Re: conflict
Posted By: DeathMaster
Originally posted by steppin i tried to use this addon, but when i type in /xp , it opens up my xperl insead. may want to change your commandline to exp to avoid this conflict ? looks like it may be a good addon, otherwise! I will look into it. Hope to have a new release ready somewhere beyond the release of Cataclysm.