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File: Tidy Plates12-15-09
Clique + tidy Plates
Posted By: Nibuca
Hey there, Great Addon! I was really hoping to use this with clique and find the frames aren't available. Clique notes the following: I am an addon author, how do I register my frames for click-casting? It's simple, and it works for more addons than just Clique. You just run the following code first, to make sure the glo...
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch04-02-09
Re: Backup Plans
Posted By: Nibuca
Originally posted by Nuckin I've been hearing news that 3.1 may be coming sooner than I had expected. I would like to reassure everyone that MetaHud will have a 3.1 compatible release before the servers come back up from maintenance on the day of the patch. The only question will be whether it is 8.0 like I've hoped. If 8.0 is...
File: MobNotes03-02-09
No updated notes.. it only has what...
Posted By: Nibuca
No updated notes.. it only has what I add. I find it useful. I'd love an update to this mod to add a button(?) to my UI so I can announce in /ra or /p the mobnote without having to type it all out by hand.
File: Power Auras Classic09-07-08
Posted By: Nibuca
Love the addon. So far the onlything I've tried to do.. and couldn't.. For my hunter, I want an aura if my pet's health is below 75%. (reminder to Mend Pet). Even by adding my pet's name I can't get it to trigger. For my warlock, I want an aura if my pet's mana is at 100% while we're in combat. (reminder to Dark Pact)....
File: TBag-Shefki06-11-08
Posted By: Nibuca
Any chance to get a "scale" feature? 100% sized boxes look huge to me anymore. While we're at it, might as well mention alpha too.. Thanks. WRT missing bank: I assumed some error occurred. I removed the saved variables.. tbag.lua I think from the WTF folder and my bank came back. Nibuca http://chicanery.fibergeek.com/
File: MacroTalk04-15-08
raid icons in chat
Posted By: Nibuca
Now that 2.4 allows you to use raid icons in chat, any chance this can be added? I'm currently using something like: /cast Polymorph /say Sheeping %f {%ficb} Which works fine if the target has a raid marking.. but if they don't it says: Sheeping Kobold Warrior {} I'd like to be able to eliminate the {} (which just lo...