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File: YKTarget08-15-09
Love it!!!
Posted By: Grenchlok
I use to use Targeting Icons but it only works if you are Raid/Party leader. No good if you only have assist (which I do most of the time as tank). I also really like the skin options of YKTarget. Personally, I like the simplicity of Gloss Horizontal. I scale it down really small and place it right above the mobs portrait. Very...
File: TargetingIcons07-17-09
Can this be used when given raid "assist"?
Posted By: Grenchlok
This is such a great add it's a shame it won't be supported. I have a question about when it's available for use. It seems like I remember being able to use this whenever I was given authority to mark targets in a raid (been given assist). Now it seems that the targeting icons don't show up unless I am the Raid Leader. Is there a...
File: CharacterInfo03-18-07
Total ACE Noob here - Can't get CharacterInfo to work
Posted By: Grenchlok
Hi. I'm a total noob to ACE. I used to use Charaterviewer and was really disapointed when it stopped being supported. Then I found this addon and it looks like what I've been looking for. Problem is, I can't get it to run. When I load the add on through Khaos, I get a bunch of errors. Most are variations of "attempt to index...