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File: Better Battle Pet Tooltip04-15-13
Missing pet string for species
Posted By: CanRanBan
Missing pet string for species: Lodernde Rune "Lodernde Rune" is Blazing Rune in English. All pets from Raiding with Leashes seem to be missing. This message is posted several times as long as you mouseover the item.
File: Better Battle Pet Tooltip04-13-13
What is the other word for "Gesamme...
Posted By: CanRanBan
What is the other word for "Gesammelt"? Actually the English to German translations are not 1:1. Many translations only capture the meaning of the English term. The other word is "Eingefangen" ;) deDE update below. if LOCALE == "deDE" then L.AlreadyBattled = "Bereits bekämpft%s%s" L.NotCapturable = "Nicht einfangbar" --L...
File: Better Battle Pet Tooltip04-04-13
Tooltips broken / buggy
Posted By: CanRanBan
With version all tooltips are either broken or some kind of bugged. See here for the full bug report.
File: Aloft03-11-12
Nameplate Glow - Inverted with option while tanking
Posted By: CanRanBan
Inverted nameplate glow does not work with a non-english client (i use deDE) when you play a paladin because in AloftGlow.lua line 516 the used UnitAura query is locale-dependant. Changing tmp = (UnitAura("player", "Righteous Fury", nil, "HELPFUL|PLAYER") and true) or nil to tmp = (UnitAura("player", "Zorn der Gerechtigkeit", nil,...
File: OPie07-18-08
Warlock Stone ID's
Posted By: CanRanBan
On my warlock only the health stone and the ritual of souls worked with the default ring. False Spell-ID's were the reason. Here are the correct ID's (tested ingame): Soulstone: 693 Firestone: 6366 Spellstone: 2362
File: OPie06-20-08
locales - deDE not supported
Posted By: CanRanBan
: OPie\OneRingLocale.lua:18: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) OPie\OneRingConfig.lua:10: in main chunk --- : OPie\OneRingLocale.lua:18: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) OPie\Meta\RingKeeperConfig.lua:9: in main chunk Two problems with deDE-locale (I think any locale except enUS has these bugs). I think the...