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Originally posted by DoINeedOne Are you aware that you mod has been posted to the curse site by some no name person, and it lacks all your documentation. just fyi I think that's ShockandAwe... Enhancement Shaman mod... I just searched curse, and Squawk isn't on it.
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First, I would like to say that thi...
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First, I would like to say that this mod is exceedingly helpful to me while I raid. I do have a small suggestion though, not really for me, but it might help others. If you could incorporate sounds into the eclipse proc and Elune's Wrath Proc, it might help people. Personally, I just have them set up as triggers in my MSBT so...
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Originally posted by Tuller That'...
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Originally posted by Tuller That's what should happen, yes. thanks, all I needed to know
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Quick question. On fights like Ter...
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Quick question. On fights like Teron Gorefiend, when I die to shadow of death, will my ghost bar be my main action bar like I think it's going to be? or will it be a pet bar? I would like to know before I have to kill contructs. Thanks for your time.
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I love the mod, I've been using it...
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I love the mod, I've been using it for awhile. I did some BGs yesterday for my gold medal. It's the first time I've done them in awhile. Inf fact the last time I did my MSBT said "First Blood" and stuff when I had the killing blow on players. Is that an option that I have to turn on now, or has that just been removed completely?
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Re: Re: Faded Opacity and Warrior Stances
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One bag option: I'm leaning towards yes. Yay, then I think I've found a new barmod
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Hi, just switched from Bongos and I...
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Hi, just switched from Bongos and I'm liking this a lot. I do have a simple request though. For the Bag bar, can you make an option to make it one bag again? I use arkinventory, so I don't need to see my Keyring or other 4 bags. The main backpack icon is enough for me. Otherwise, this is a really great mod