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File: Square10-30-10
Originally posted by jessica Not...
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Originally posted by jessica Not movable right? Correct, it's fixed in the normal minimap position.
File: Square10-29-10
Originally posted by Zerpy for bo...
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Originally posted by Zerpy for borders i use this here: local bordersize = 1 local backdrop = {bgFile = 'Interface\\Buttons\\WHITE8x8', edgeFile = 'Interface\\Buttons\\WHITE8x8', edgeSize = bordersize, insets = {left = -bordersize, right = -bordersize, top = -bordersize, bottom = -bordersize}} Minimap:SetBackdrop(backdr...
File: Livestock - Cataclysm10-27-10
Re: Shapeshift bug
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Originally posted by Malazee Thanks for providing us all with a (hopefully temporary) patch fix! Was wondering if you could be troubled to fix one more tiny bug for druids... mounting while shapeshifted. If you try to mount while in a druid form now, you get the "You are in shapeshift form" error. The pre-4.0 Livestock had a b...
File: Arcana's Calendar Broker10-27-10
Originally posted by asdf It work...
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Originally posted by asdf It works perfectly with DockingStation. Is there any way you could change the text from "No Invites" to "0", or add an option to do so? It takes up a lot of space on the bar, a lot more than it does when you actually have an invite on your calendar. It would be nice to be more consistently spaced, I...
File: aTotemBar08-28-09
Thanks for the response. For the...
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Thanks for the response. For the record, the Blizzard totem bar does show up prior to level 30, and as far as I know shows up as soon as you have more than one castable totem, and maybe even when you have only one.
File: aTotemBar08-26-09
Bug I'm having
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When I load the game with the addon enabled, nothing happens. If I enter /atbar, I get the correct list of commands, but if I try to issue a command (i.e. /atbar hide) I get the following error: Message: Interface\AddOns\aTotemBar\aTotemBar.lua:78: attempt to index upvalue 'aTotemBar' (a nil value) Time: 08/27/09 00:19:28 Count:...
File: Chronometer02-07-07
small bug report
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the bars for the paladin stun hammer of justice display 6 seconds as the timer for the lower ranks, it's not a big deal because the bar disappears once the buff disappears, so i just know when the bar's halfway done is when the stun's ending, but figured i'd let you know