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File: Power Auras Classic10-15-10
Originally posted by 2amcoffee Th...
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Originally posted by 2amcoffee The following is being spammed in my General chat box: playerclass=DRUID GetShapeshiftForm=3 icon=Interface\Icons\Spell_Nature_WispSplode playerclass=DRUID GetShapeshiftForm=3 icon=Interface\Icons\Spell_Nature_WispSplode playerclass=DRUID GetShapeshiftForm=3 icon=Interface\Icons\Spell_Nature_Wisp...
File: CloseUp10-13-10
Re: Update for 4.0.x??
Posted By: Veltor
Originally posted by Silvermane Would love to know if you might do an update for 'Closeup' to make it work in 4.0.x. If not, that's fine, I'll have to find another option, though I really loved this addon. The default UI since 4.0.1 do a few things that CloseUp does: it let you zoom with the wheel and turn your character just by cl...
File: NugMiniPet10-29-09
Bug when pets are in the action bar
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I found a bug. Let say I have pet A, B and C selected to be cast randomly when I walk. Then, I place pet A and D in one of my action bar. If I manually summon any pet from the pet Pane, and start to walk, the pet will remain summon, even if its not A, B or C. But, if I manually summon any pet, be it A or D, from my action b...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames04-15-09
Originally posted by phrozenassid...
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Originally posted by phrozenassid There is a version on Wowace that fixes the drop down errors. The only problem I have seen in this version is a small problem when mousing over target debuffs, but its mostly fixed and works with 3.1 Link: http://www.wowace.com/projects/xperl/files/158-r265/ This is a great info you gave me. N...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames04-14-09
No more pull-down menu
Posted By: Veltor
Today, patch 3.10 release day, there is a small bug. If I right-click on my portrait, my target portrait, or any portrait, I dont have a pull-down menu. So I cant trade, invite, duel or leave my group this way.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-14-09
Originally posted by Norek Ok fir...
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Originally posted by Norek Ok first off I love these frames, been using them for.... well probably a year or longer now great work thank you for keeping it alive. Very minor issue, on a death knight, if u have the XP bar showing and you have your runes docked to player frame turned on, whenever u log in the bar is gone but if yo...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-09-09
Druid Manabar when shapeshifted
Posted By: Veltor
On my Druid, when I shapeshift in Animal form, there is an additional bar below my portrait that show my current mana. I disabled the value on every bar, still this "shapeshifted mana bar" show them. Is there a way to remove the value from that bar as well? And, is there a way to remove the bar itself (not that I want, but it ca...
File: Dominos01-07-09
Re: Can someone tell me what the
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Originally posted by aluttrell321 The big square space to the left that says roll. Sorry, I'm new. Thank you! This is where the "Roll Window" will show when you are in a group, loot a green or better item, and have to roll for it (Greed, need, pass).
File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-08-08
Originally posted by tyrian Sorry...
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Originally posted by tyrian Sorry to add to the trolls bitching about adding this, or fixing that or whatever. But I absolutely love these unit frames. But it doesn't show the DK Runes. It shows the runic power, but not the runes. Anyways, thank you very much. Keep up the great work. Go to the setting windows, Players tab,...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-05-08
Cant change the Bar Texture
Posted By: Veltor
I dont get it, My girlfriend and I both downloaded the latest version (3.0.1f r228). We both use Windows Vista We both have a full install TBC + WotLK of the game But she cant choose any Bar texture. Everytime she open the menu, she only see every bar as empty and unselectable. And sometimes, when she close the menu, it st...
File: Dominos11-22-08
Quick Paging Not Right
Posted By: Veltor
Bug concerning Quick Paging: I am using only one Action page for the Quick paging of my main bar. I am using the Shift-Mousewheel-up and Shift-Mousewheel-Down to switch from an action bar to another. I am not using shift-1 and shift-2 since I am using those keybindings for something else. Before the 3.0 patch, when I was sc...
File: Dominos10-19-08
Quick paging not working
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I am trying to set the main bar with the "Quick Paging" options. I want to change the bar when I page using shift-mousewheel up and down. It worked until that last version. I want to use only: Action Page 2 Action Page 3 Action Page 4 And I set at "disable" Action Page 5 Action Page 6 Problem is that when I scroll dow...
File: Scrolling Combat Text10-15-08
Is there a way to like... remove th...
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Is there a way to like... remove the icons from the SCT Message frame?In the preferences (in the default interface menu BTW), under the "Spells Options" iirc, you will havea checkbox with "Spell Icon". Just uncheck it.
File: Dominos09-23-08
I found a problem with the warrior....
Posted By: Veltor
I found a problem with the warrior. The stance bars do not act normally. You see, every other class who are using stances also have a "not in a stance" state. Druid in cat form or bear form can also be in caster form, so not in a stance. Same with the Shadow priest or the the stealthed rogue. But warrior is always in a stanc...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames08-20-08
Originally posted by Jerricka Bef...
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Originally posted by Jerricka Before the latest updates I had my target showing only percentage in the health/mana bar. Now, it shows the percentage BOTH on the bars AND on the side. I tried setting it to show the actual values on the bars and the percentage on the side, but it doesn't work that way on hostile mobs, just NPCs. How...
File: SCT - Damage07-22-08
I want to be able to see my crit, b...
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I want to be able to see my crit, but not my regular "non-crit" damage. But if I uncheck the "Spell Damage" and "Periodic Damage" check box, the crits I deal wont show. Is it a bug? Is there an option I missed somewhere that let me see my crits without seeing my regular damage? Thanks :)
File: XPBar07-22-08
The bar do not change colour on rested state
Posted By: Veltor
In your notes on the main page, you said that "XPBar now changes colour based on your Rested state." It doesnt seem to work for me, no matter if I am rested or not, the bar remain the same purple.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames07-22-08
Pet and pet's target portraits
Posted By: Veltor
My hunter and my mage had some very bad times trying to adjust the portrait frame of both the pet and its target. I need to send my pet in combat in order to place the frame where I want, and I cant resize the frames as long as the combat isnt over. Worst, with my mage I have to do everything very fast since my pet is on a very lim...
File: Dominos07-04-08
Removing the
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Quote: Would it be at all possible to add an option to disable/enable docking? or is there something like this that I already don't know about? Cause When trying to move my bars, they keep docking to other bars, when I don't want them to. Hold down alt when moving a bar to disable the docking functionality. Tuller, you real...
File: Bongos304-09-08
Ok, I really need to ask, I searche...
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Ok, I really need to ask, I searched everywhere on the Bongos3 guide on WoWWiki, and I looked here (there is no search for the Comments on this website, so sorry if I missed it). But what in the wrld is a possess bar? What is possess mode? What can I do with "possess" and how does it works? Sorry if this may sound stupid, but...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames04-04-08
Originally posted by Aydah Hey, j...
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Originally posted by Aydah Hey, just a few concerns I have. Before the 2.4 version came out, XPerl was working like a charm. When I deleted my WTF file to go get the new 2.4 version and installed it, when I logged in I experienced two problems: One, I had no item count. And by this I mean, for example, below LEVITATE, it would s...
File: Bongos304-02-08
Showing my bar on key strike
Posted By: Veltor
I wanted to make an action bar to show only when I press a key combination. After reading a lot in the macro guide (I have only a small basic knowledge in macro and /command) I found a way to make my bar showing when I press Shift, Ctrl, Alt, or any combination of those... But is there a way to make the bar show with any other ke...
File: LightHeaded03-28-08
14 Mb ???
Posted By: Veltor
Your addon now use more than 14 Mb of memory :eek: Is that suppose to be?
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced03-28-08
There is 2 errors with the faction...
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There is 2 errors with the faction requirement of each pieces of the new lvl 70 sets. In Atlas Loot, you show every same piece of each set requiring to be honnored with the same faction. By example, you says that every chest of every set are available with Thrallmar reputation. In truth, every faction offers a different piece...
File: Bongos303-26-08
About Bongos 2 and 3 preferences
Posted By: Veltor
If I install Bongos3 and try it, and then deactivate it and return to Bongos2, will my Bongos2 preferences will remain as they were? And if someday I go back to Bongos3, will all those preferences remains as well? I guess yes, since Tuller stated that there is no way to import our Bongos2 preferences to Bongos3, but I just wa...