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File: ShowItemPrice04-16-07
What's different?
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How does this addon compare with ItemDataCache, besides the fact that it does not include a static initial price database and does not have Informant integration?
File: Bonuses04-16-07
Re: RatingBuster with BonusChanges
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Originally posted by nrpieper I've added similar functionality to RatingBuster. Download: Personally, when I'm looking at a forum talking about one addon, and there's another addon mentioned, I'd *much* rather have a link to show a description/forum for that addon, rather than a download link. I do not have sufficient info...
File: EquipCompare04-13-07
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CharacterInfo is also a very nice character information addon for which I think it would be great to have support. Specifically, this addon attempts to allieviate the problem of so many addons wanting to store a copy of everything one owns. Rather than provide all of the added functionality, CharacterInfoStorage only keeps track...
File: CharacterInfo03-05-07
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I'd just like to say, thank you for fixing the problem in count issue - I was about to downgrade to the pre-BC version I'd at least partially BC fixed over that. Also, thank you for separating the gui (CI) versus the main guts (CIS), but having tooltip be part of CIS. On my main, memory tends to be so tight, I run with just the mai...
File: CharacterInfo02-12-07
Quick (and very partial) review of latest beta
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Line 23 of CharacterInfo\CharacterInfo.lua uses string.find and only matches the pre-BC itemids. Line 32 of CharacterInfoStorage\CharacterInfoStorage.lua uses string.find, but matches BC itemids. The rest of the patterns in this file still only match the pre-BC itemids. Given that my characters now have *many* BC items, there'...
File: Fizzle02-04-07
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Fizzel does not work for me since WoW 2.0.3. Initially, WoW complained that it did not have permission to change ownership of things. I disabled the exact code that WoW was complaining about, and now it colors the character pane objects based on their rarity, but there is no report on the durability status. I have been hoping th...
File: CharacterInfo01-22-07
Originally posted by lunafishnz ....
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Originally posted by lunafishnz ...Renaming that variable to itemstringx seems to have fixed the error, perhaps itemstring is a reserved name now? I tested this on multiple characters on multiple servers last night, and all seemed ok, but ymmv. The changed lines are as follows. local itemString = getItemStringFromLink(link)...
File: CharacterInfo01-21-07
Not quite BC compatible.
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Edit: deleted mere confirmation of previously mentioned bug. In the outland, there are some items with negative values in the link. For example, my Felstone Helm of the Boar has link 24818:0:0:0:0:0:-12:541327398. This item is quite definitely not unique in this regard.
File: CharacterInfo01-21-07
Originally posted by Silent54 Doe...
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Originally posted by Silent54 Does this work for multiple accounts? In other words can I be on one account and see the inventory of characters on another account? There are two ways I can see you meaning to ask that question. 1. If you are talking about sharing data between accounts which are accessed from the same computer...
File: AuctionFilterPlus01-11-07
Originally posted by DSanai Yes,...
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Originally posted by DSanai Yes, but the problem is, it would only sort the ones on the current page of items (and so each page would be sorted individually). Only Blizzard's real Auction API can sort ALL the returned items so that you don't end up with 10 pages of page-only-sorted items. I hope I'm not giving away too big of a...
File: FuBar - MoneyFu12-24-06
A couple suggestions
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First, let me say the addon currently is great - but I have a thought that could possibly make it better. I don't think my idea should be too hard to code - when I collect an AH refund, I don't see it as money I've gained, so much as money I didn't previously spend. The time left before the message expires can be used to indicate...