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File: Prat 3.010-21-08
Originally posted by Stickzz When...
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Originally posted by Stickzz When random person /w me i cant see his name and im unable to telk back whats up with that ? turn off the flash feature for the tabs
File: Prat 3.010-19-08
alt / main option
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I'm still waiting for the Linking Alts with mains thing to come back, I finally to day go the edit box that would lets me "add a main" but its not showing out beside the name properly. Before patch it would appear (Asshat): "insert random text" <--- main set to Alt, also when I synce my guild roster with prat its not attatching the...
File: Prat 3.010-19-08
Originally posted by jojoza Any t...
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Originally posted by jojoza Any time i get incoming whisper, all my tabs dissappear, except current tab. This is easy to fix disable Flashing Tabs for all your extra chat tabs.
File: Prat 3.010-17-08
Set Main Issue
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Having a problem with the set main feature. I'm running the latest update. And still it's not working. Part of the big reason I use this add on is becuase of the option to put the main out beside the alts name in guild chat and whatever. As well I like being able to set mains as such (Asshat): ..... This is a personal noting sy...
File: SendSelf10-17-08
would really love to see an update...
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would really love to see an update for this mod ....... It's not working right now
File: Prat 3.010-15-08
I hate the new options menu. I wan...
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I hate the new options menu. I want my fu bar plug in back for it and the arrows on my cutom tabs and combat log are being odd, on my general tab they are to the right, on the other tabs they are to the bottom left this is frustrating becuase it's covering up part of the text. Also ... Alts I use to have my alts read like thi...
File: Spelltips01-13-08
It sure would be nice to see this u...
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It sure would be nice to see this updated, I still use it although it's not truely accurate its better than nothing. Please update this mod soon. Originally posted by Chaoslux I believe it should be updated, the only other options for this kind of stuff i know are DrDamage and TheoryCraft but they have too many us...
File: GoGoMount11-15-07
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Just wondering are you planning on updating this for the recent patch? If you'ren ot going to keep the mod up I'll happly go to the Ace version of this.
File: Skillet10-15-07
Edit option
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one thing that im not liking about this it well the for mentioned sorting problem, and there is no edit option. If you've used ATSW like I have for so long you know there was an option to edit the catogories. Which is extreemly handy for enchanting. I can make my own cats like Boots / Bracers/ oils/ Rods and wands/ Chest/ Weapons/...
File: OmniCC10-08-07
I had the same problem, I've went b...
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I had the same problem, I've went back to a older version, works fine with bongos. I'm using Version: 7.1.11 works perfectly for me. I'll up day Omin every time a new update is out and I always end up going back to that version. My oppinion that was just about perfect verion, and my oppinion is if it's not broke dont fix it.
File: SmartBuff09-27-07
Originally posted by Aeldra Hotfi...
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Originally posted by Aeldra Hotfix will solve the problem of the disappearing frame :) Use "/sdb rafp" to reset it and it stays in position. Paladin buffs updated. Buff issue in battlegrounds in progress. @Reesaa Thank you for having placed your trust in me :) Thank you for the hot fix working just fine now! Awesom...
File: SmartBuff09-27-07
SDB Gone
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Originally posted by sasja I have the problem that each time I log in, the SmartDebuff frame has moved off the screen! If I delete the SmartBuff file in the WTF folder and log in, SmartBuff will correctly restart with the debuff frame in the middle of the screen - but when I drag it to the position where I want it and relog, it's g...
File: SimpleMountEquip04-26-07
Equp items
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ok I am having a problem with crop vs the rest of my riding gear First off it will not equip both the carrot and the crop ........ not srue if they stack or not, some say they do some say they don't I would still like them both equiped second off when it equips my Crop it will not equip my gloves and boots with riding speed /sp...
File: HealBot Continued04-05-07
Re: auto-spellcast (out of combat)
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I have the same/ or almost the same set up for my druids, Left Click is Regrowth and Right click is Healing Touch middle is rejuv, when I'm outo f combat my right click stays Healing Touch and my middle click stays rejuv but my left click is changed to Healing touch. I had to uncheck the buffing option when out of combat becuase it...
File: Simple Soulstone02-09-07
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I use to use Warlock message and the main reason I used it was becuaseo f the SoulStone broadcast fuction it had. One of the features it had that I like was a Failed message, If say incombate I was in the mist of casting a SS it would say for example: Resaliegh has cast her soulstone on {target} it will be applied in 30 seconds ......
File: SmartDebuff01-31-07
Originally posted by Trollinou Hi...
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Originally posted by Trollinou Hi, Just a Features request : Is it possible to have a little sound when some debuffing need to be remove. Not one for each debuff, but for example a check to see if one exists each 5 sec and do the sound. Thanks for your great addon. Just my oppinion but wouldn't it checking every 5 secs...
File: GoGoMount01-11-07
@Tak /sigh First I love your m...
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@Tak /sigh First I love your mod i really do, but as of last night i was about ready to throw the whole computer out the window LOL. The mod is working with everything but my warlock. it's actaully very weird I can not mount with it but I can dismount with it. I did see your comment to my last post : "Try '/gogo s...
File: SheepMod01-09-07
is this a working mod? the descript...
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is this a working mod? the descriptions says it's not but it say updated on in the mod list, very confusing.
File: BuffQ01-09-07
So whats the diffrenace between thi...
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So whats the diffrenace between this and Whispercast? I see they brought Whispercast back, I love that mod for my warlock awesome summoning tool. But i see this one, is there any advantages over this mod vs whispercast ?
File: SendSelf01-08-07
i have not tried the 1.1.1 version...
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i have not tried the 1.1.1 version yet, i hve the one just before it and i am getting a simular error of Interface\FrameXML\MailFrame.lua:634: bad argument #1 to 'strupper' (string expected, got nil) but mine starts out with like an error with the CT Mail Mod then folloed by the above wording, i kow bad mod user didnt right down th...
File: GoGoMount01-06-07
sense your last update this is not...
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sense your last update this is not working with my warlock epic mount, not sure of her non epic, and it is not working with my pally Warhorse (non epic). I always back up my add ons before rewriting them with updates, i went back to Version 2.0.2 which was the last backed up one i had and the summoned mounts work just fine. not sur...
File: SmartBuff12-22-06
Deselect Classes
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@ Aeldra First off let me thank you I think almost everything I've thought might improve the add on you have either done before i could post it or shortly after I and others have suggested it. Thank you for listening to your users, You have no idea whot that actaully means to me. I use or have used 100s of add on and belong to...
File: HealerButtons12-17-06
would love to see this working in a...
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would love to see this working in a raid.
File: Gatherer12-12-06
update this plz
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I'd love to see this mod make a come back, I've been using it for well over a year sense if very first came out and am lost with out it. please please please update it.
File: WhisperCast12-12-06
update maybe ?
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would love to see this come back, made nice for summoning for my lock