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@Wowza Parties still exist. The In...
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@Wowza Parties still exist. The Instance channel was an addition. If you can't wait until I update it here, the latest alpha version already allows you to report to it. It can be found at CurseForge. Will give that a shot, thanks! I believe I tried the send to party but often when you join a 5man (especially through LFD), you would...
File: TinyDPS12-09-12
Any fix to "report to party" which...
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Any fix to "report to party" which is now as "instance" ?
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Re: Re: Party Icons
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Originally posted by Goldpaw They are, and have been for quite some time. Are you sure you're using the newest version? Think the icons are in the bottom left corner. (I run heroics all day, and still can't remember for sure. Is the age getting to me..? ;) ) Just double-checked.. Seems on the 1 character I wasn't seeing the...
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Party Icons
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Not sure if it was mentioned, but with gFrames, I have no idea at the beginning who is healer, who is tank, and who is dps (this is often easier to know).. Can those icons be implemented?
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I know people have asked for a bett...
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I know people have asked for a better way to have the PvP flag shown (rather than the current need of using a mouseover). Can you not add a small square like you do when we cast on the left side of the unitframe, just on the bottom-left corner, so when flagged, you have an Alliance/Horde logo there for the duration?
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Great mod.. been looking for a gyps...
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Great mod.. been looking for a gypsy-like replacement since the patch to 2.0.. Could this possibly get implemented in a patch..? 1. Ability to move (like gypsy had). 2. Ability to toggle the display on how much health/mana the target has. Gypsy never displayed this and imo, it's fairly useless to see the #'s (which are based off...