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File: LootLink01-19-13
LootLink replacement
Posted By: elvisdumbledore
Anyone looking for a replacement should try Ludwig. http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/ludwig
File: PetLeash08-15-09
problem with weigthing
Posted By: elvisdumbledore
There seem so to be no effect of applying weights to the pets. I made a quick test setting three pets to Often and another three to Hardly Ever. In 60 auto summons 32 came from the Often pool and 28 from the Hardly Ever pool. I'm not complaining just logging the noticed lack of effect. If I'm reading the code right it looks like the...
File: NugMiniPet12-16-08
Re: Bug
Posted By: elvisdumbledore
Originally posted by YouSmell I like this addon a lot, in theory. The issue I'm having is... I'll set it to summon maybe 4 pets on auto, and it basically summons completely different pets that I don't have selected. It used to summon maybe 3 random pets I didn't want, but now no matter what I do it only summons one certain one each...
File: Armory07-13-08
Best. Addon. Ever!
Posted By: elvisdumbledore
I've been using CharactersViewer for years, and considered it the one addon I simply couldn't play without. But you have kicked it up 11 with this addon! Thank you! :D
File: FuBar - RestFu12-10-06
Posted By: elvisdumbledore
thanks for the speedy fix on that! i really love this mod! the game would be less fun without it :)
File: Express Mail12-09-06
not in AddOn list
Posted By: elvisdumbledore
Express Mail is not showing up as an addon in the initial addon list at the character selection menu. it is installed the same way as all my other addons. not even listed as disabled or incompatible, just not present
File: FuBar - RestFu12-09-06
Re: Error when trying to access menu
Posted By: elvisdumbledore
Originally posted by herb3 I just installed the lastest version of RestFu and whenever I try to access the options menu I get : Interface\AddOns\FuBar_RestFu\RestFu.lua:69: Attempt to index global 'tbl1' (a nil value) same here
File: FuBar - QuestsFu12-09-06
version check
Posted By: elvisdumbledore
looks like QuestsFu v.19509 contains Tablet-2.0 v.19235. the error only occurs when Tablet-2.0 v.19577 is installed by another addon. hope this helps