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File: MiniLoot12-21-12
Version 1.8.5 (latest), still getti...
Posted By: Itonohito
Version 1.8.5 (latest), still getting error at the farm on every carrot taken (ruRU locale, not in group): 9x MiniLoot-1.8.5 release\core.lua:275: attempt to index local "name" (a nil value) MiniLoot-1.8.5 release\core.lua:275: in function "PlayerName" MiniLoot-1.8.5 release\modules\loot-Добыча....
File: On My Mark!10-04-12
It doesn't work in Pandaria. At lea...
Posted By: Itonohito
It doesn't work in Pandaria. At least, problem with party/raid checks (GeNumberPartyCheck etc.) Here's some solutions: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5208513775
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills09-05-12
Hardly wait for an update :)
Posted By: Itonohito
Hardly wait for an update :)
File: Ara Broker Reputations12-24-10
Repo not updating?
Posted By: Itonohito
Thanks you very much for your perfect addons! I use almost all of them. And they all are work fine, except this one. :( I don't know, why, but it doesn't update reputation "on-the-fly" on the LDB bar. For example, after I've turned some quest, that gives repo, I don't see changes in the broker bar. I can see correct information in...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends08-03-09
Can you add possibility to sync fri...
Posted By: Itonohito
Can you add possibility to sync friendlist between toons?
File: Cork06-20-09
Great addon indeed. But I agree wit...
Posted By: Itonohito
Great addon indeed. But I agree with Laren - the only think it lacks of is possibility of rebuff before buff ends. It can be configurable per buff - but I propose simple solution: just allow to rebuff at the 1/6 of buff duration left. So for 30 min buffs it will be 5 min, for 10 min buffs - 100 sec (~1.5 min), for 2 min buffs - 20 se...
File: oUF_Nivaya04-13-09
How to view XP and Rep?
Posted By: Itonohito
I'm really sorry for my dullness, but I didn't found how can I see output of oUF_Experience and oUF_Reputation. Point me, please, somebody...
File: hud03-14-09
Looks very promising. Will try. Tha...
Posted By: Itonohito
Looks very promising. Will try. Thank you for your work ;)
File: TradeJunkie12-26-08
I see not all skills explained - ma...
Posted By: Itonohito
I see not all skills explained - many of them have only "Bought from vendor" or "Quest reward". Are you working on updating infos? And may I help with that?
File: Bagnon12-23-06
Unfortunately, it conflicts with so...
Posted By: Itonohito
Unfortunately, it conflicts with some other addons, especially those, showing info in tooltips (ReagentInfo, for example). Info from it appears for a second and disappears again. :( Maybe it's possible to fix this issue, please?