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File: Lunarblood08-28-09
Originally posted by Turina Sound...
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Originally posted by Turina Sounds weird, it's working here. Did you try moving the center frame? It will only work if you move the main frame. I'll take a look at it. ok i got it to move by dragging a blank part of the screen where i would assume the icons will show, i was dragging the trick and cold blood icons as those...
File: Lunarblood08-26-09
i cant seem to get the unlock to ma...
Posted By: nielc
i cant seem to get the unlock to make it movable :( and its trapped behind my unit frames in its default placing.
File: Combuctor07-04-08
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any luck on getting combuctor moveable, like with ndragit or something?
File: Dominos06-16-08
love it
Posted By: nielc
but where did the minimap config button go? or am i just blind?
File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)03-04-07
Random problems with 2.0 beta.
Posted By: nielc
What is happening is sometimes i mouse over my rack, and it only shows me the empty slot for each piece, if i reload the ui it fixes it 100% of the time, but then later on it breaks again and i cant seem to figure out what is causing it. so i know this bug report doesnt help much but is it happening to only me? ive tried playing...
File: VendorValues02-18-07
ive tried /veva separator (hopin...
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ive tried /veva separator (hoping it would toggle) it doesnt ive tried adding off,false,toggle, none of these seem to turn it off :( please help
File: VendorValues02-17-07
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i would like to know how to turn off the "-=-=-==-==-=-=-" stuff i dont need a seperator line and it kinda distracts my attention looking at the tooltip.
File: aUF_Layouts01-30-07
minor bugs
Posted By: nielc
there seems to be a bug in the nyrtest and buu layouts where the xpbar sticks out to one side.
File: FuBar - HonorFu10-14-06
Posted By: nielc
when is the double rep double honor and double wins/losses error going to be fixed? ive tried just about every version and they all do this.
File: Bongos208-27-06
pet bar problem latest 2 releases.
Posted By: nielc
the pet bar isnt responding to setting rows/colums, the bar is always horizontal regardless, and i used to run a vertical bar. using .25 and .27 found on curse both do this.
File: TTSpellTimer02-04-06
Re: Results of testing.
Posted By: nielc
How can i simply drag the window around where i want it? ive tried the reset command and its default spot overlaps some of my minimap and buttons. i just wanna drag it a little bit.