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File: CharacterInfo03-03-07
Problem in count
Posted By: Kamarade Molotov
First I want to tell you what a great addon you made. I download your mod on Wowace and since a recent update, counting function since to behave strangely. It counts stacks instead of units, either banked or alts items. As you can see, i have 129 dream dusts (the pink ones) but it counts 7 (6 stacks of 20 + 1 stack of 9)...
File: TradeSkillInfo01-28-07
I'm addicted to your mod and as you...
Posted By: Kamarade Molotov
I'm addicted to your mod and as you can see, i'm not the only one. You've done a fantastic job. I have the same resquest as everybody: please update your database to include BC skills and regents. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
File: OneBag301-16-07
Alpha to 100%
Posted By: Kamarade Molotov
Congratulations for this excellent mod. I have one request/suggestion: can you make it so when we set alpha to be 100%, the frames are actally 100% opaque? At the moment they are still a bit translucent. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work. :)
File: ItemRack01-02-07
Skinning Event
Posted By: Kamarade Molotov
My skninning skill is at 300 so I would like to modifiy the skinning event so that it equip my skinning set when I mouseover over an orange unit rather then a red. I tried to look for RGB codes for oranges but I get things like R=255 G=153 B=51 while your code is more like GetTextColor() if r>.9 and g<.2 and b<.2...