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File: Raven09-16-12
More more more conditions
Posted By: Raederle
When you do get back to conditions, could you look at the role icon? We have them now for tank or healer, and I'd love to be able to check "missing" buffs on my tank such as regen or divine aegis. And as a tank, there are things I'd like to "maintain" or watch on my healer. Thanks! Raederle
File: Threat Plates09-09-12
Tank/Dps spec settings
Posted By: Raederle
I went ahead and nuked the old variables to let this new config settle in and mostly things are ok. The two items that are not are the target widget (crescents are way oversized!) and that my profiles don't seem to retain the proper tank vs dps switches. I ony have two profiles I use, the options the same, save one is labelled an...
File: Raven09-02-12
Icon Borders in timeline
Posted By: Raederle
It took me some triplethink but I do now have the links working even in the custom bars, which is great. I still miss having the expired buff coloring but c'est la vie, no one can do everything. What I do wish might be added is the ability to color icon borders in the timelines by buff vs debuff vs cooldown. Right now there see...
File: Raven11-29-11
For the stances, blink, but I'll fi...
Posted By: Raederle
For the stances, blink, but I'll find a workaround. For the phantom bars, hmm will have to see what I can come up with. That was really helpful when juggling 3-4 regens. For the click combo DRAT! Granted in the end the setup will get customized just the same, its simply harder to do on the fly. For the party buffs, I had bee...
File: Raven11-25-11
No stance buff icons?
Posted By: Raederle
I'm just getting started with the bars, trying to replace the complex dotimer setup I've had for years. Unfortunately the first thing I've created is just a default all buffs on me bar, and it does not show my stances. Nor can I seem to find any reason in the options as to why that might be happening. Any ideas? I've just crea...
File: Tidy Plates11-07-11
Thank you. I only have space for f...
Posted By: Raederle
Thank you. I only have space for four minimap buttons and rigorously turn off all but those I really need mid raid. Raederle
File: Tidy Plates09-30-11
I see tidyplates has a new minimap...
Posted By: Raederle
I see tidyplates has a new minimap button. That's ok, for those that like them. However it does not come with a way to turn OFF that unneeded, spacesucking, messes up my symmetry, assumes I cant type minimap button. Help! Raederle
File: Postal07-05-11
Xinhuan, I would like you to consid...
Posted By: Raederle
Xinhuan, I would like you to consider a new feature. I can't say if you'd be willing to do it, or if it's easy, but it's the one mail based thing I go outside your wonderful add-on for. The addition is MailExpiryFu which I would love to drop as my last FuBar based add-on. What it does is provide a quick list of all the alts on...
File: Recap06-29-11
Error in 4.2
Posted By: Raederle
I get a persistent error with an annoying sound while standing around in town: Interface\AddOns\Recap\RecapCombat.lua:5332: attempt to concatenate a nil value
File: CLC DK05-14-11
Well, at level 58 as I am just out...
Posted By: Raederle
Well, at level 58 as I am just out of the beginner area, Pestilence does appear to be showing up in the rotations. At least the icon matches, and when I use Pestilence it sometimes goes away. I don't have outbreak yet, so perhaps that is being mistaken for where outbreak might occur. Regards, Raederle
File: CLC DK05-08-11
Can I drop pestilence from rotation?
Posted By: Raederle
I've just started using CLC DK today trying to get a handle on the plethora of unknown abilities on my new deathknight. One thing I'm seeing is I wish there was a way to remove pestilence from the priority system. I can see when I have mobs to share diseases with , and based on my runes I might not want to do it quite when the mo...
File: Broker_Location04-27-11
I very much appreciate that all thi...
Posted By: Raederle
I very much appreciate that all this mod does is player coordinates to LDB. I understand you recommend a different bigger mod, but this with no frills and no additions is perfect for me. Thanks! Raederle
File: FuBar - PetInfoFu01-08-11
It's great to hear you're still in...
Posted By: Raederle
It's great to hear you're still in game and with this mod. Given my druthers I wouldn't use anything else for petdom. As you work on it, is there any chance you could provide a LibData feed? This is literally the last mod tying me to Fubar. Cheers! Raederle
File: Altoholic12-04-10
I searched on deviate which brings...
Posted By: Raederle
I searched on deviate which brings up scales and recipes and other and now everything, bar EVERYTHING on the AH shows up as bright green. I don't actually want any recipes colored, bug or not. Is this an option I can turn off? It seems to fully color all the items visilble as the search results return, but not those items that...
File: Reagent Restocker11-28-10
As an aside I was happy wiht receip...
Posted By: Raederle
As an aside I was happy wiht receipts in chat and would prefer one less click to click. Separate window to get rid of is actually an imposition of sorts.
File: Ion: Status Bars11-14-10
Thank you, I found it. Is it still...
Posted By: Raederle
Thank you, I found it. Is it still possible to have the one bar display both xp and faction , switching as I click? I can't seem to set that up and would rather not make space for a second bar. Raederle
File: Ion: Status Bars11-13-10
XP for faction?
Posted By: Raederle
Until quite recently we could click on the xp bar to select between a number of modes including normal xp, rested, faction , etc. At the moment that seems not to happen, and only the base xp displays. Is this intended? Thanks, Raederle
File: oRA210-24-10
Big brother and zomg buffs already...
Posted By: Raederle
Big brother and zomg buffs already do this. It's a *lot* of functionality to add when it would for many be redundant.
File: Clique10-20-10
Hunter Traps
Posted By: Raederle
Clique is working generally for me with pitbull just fine. But for some reason, my click bindings for the traps does not appear to work. Macaroon is also having problems with the hunter traps, so I suspect it's something Blizzard did along the way.
File: Postal10-18-10
I'm comfortable changing the code a...
Posted By: Raederle
I'm comfortable changing the code and thank you for pointing out the section. Regards, Raederle PS - Canukistani, Lua is just text. We tend to use Notepad over Wordpad or word since those both throw lots of formatting code in behind the scenes. If you want an easy way to read it there are many free code editors out there wh...
File: Postal10-18-10
Posted By: Raederle
Is there any way to tell Open All NOT to go on to other pages? On the whole I prefer to read all the results myself, not to rely on Bean counter etc. It charges through before I'm ready. Also I prefer to know how long till the refresh, and it suppresses that. Many times I'd prefer to use those 60 seconds to hit the bank, buy...
File: Panda10-17-10
Close on craft
Posted By: Raederle
I find that panda closes on each craft. I click on a gem, the combine starts and as that cast is started panda slams shut. I suspect this is not quite working as intended. What I am curious about is, is this only me or have there been other reports of same? Regards, Raederle
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates10-13-10
Suicidalkatt are you working on the...
Posted By: Raederle
Suicidalkatt are you working on these at the moment? I can't get my modified threat plates to show at all. All I see is the tidyplate default (yuck!) and when I try to change any setting threatplate throws an error. Date: 2010-10-13 07:47:27 ID: 102 Error occured in: Global Count: 4 Message: ..\AddOns\TidyPlates_ThreatPlat...
File: Clique10-12-10
Thank you
Posted By: Raederle
Thank you so much for keeping this going through the long years. Clique and MoveAnything are my must have mods. Without these I do not even attempt to function. The rest are for convenience. You've been speaking in isolation since so many of us just assume you'll be there, but boy I am glad you are! Raederle
File: MoveAnything09-25-10
Wagthaa I wanted to thank you for c...
Posted By: Raederle
Wagthaa I wanted to thank you for continuing the work on Move Anything. I have been using it since 2-3 months after WoW went live, and I still find it the cleanest and best frame mover. Thank you also for staying with the roots. We can move anything anywhere and you dont sell inventory for us, make announcements or colorize ou...