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File: Outfitter03-28-17
I've posted an update which should...
Posted By: mundocani
I've posted an update which should fix it Greettings. I'm getting the following error upon logging in after the update to 7.2. Date: 2017-03-28 16:24:11 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Outfitter\Outfitter.lua line 4006: attempt to index local 'vTexture' (a number value) Debug: (tail cal...
File: Outfitter11-20-16
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Error in latest version
Posted By: mundocani
You are correct. I works on all of my characters except the lvl 103 Demon Hunter Thanks, that did the trick. 5.17.3 is up now and takes care of it.
File: Outfitter11-20-16
Re: Re: Re: Error in latest version
Posted By: mundocani
Slightly different version of same error now. What class is your toon and are you seeing it on other characters too? I can't repro this so I'm guessing that it's specific to a class.
File: Outfitter11-19-16
Re: Error in latest version
Posted By: mundocani
I've uploaded a fix, should be good now Just installed the latest version and I get the following error upon clicking on the + next to outfits. 1x Outfitter\MC2UIElementsLib.lua:1289: AddChildMenu: First parameter must be a string : in function `assert' Outfitter\MC2UIElementsLib.lua:1289: in function `AddChildMenu' Outfitte...
File: Outfitter01-19-15
Re: Safari Hat
Posted By: mundocani
Anyone know how to or know of a script for applying the Safari Hat buff? Thanks in advance. Because the hat is now an item you have to use, it can no longer be automated, just like spells or potions.
File: Outfitter01-27-13
Re: Hide during Pet Battle
Posted By: mundocani
Would it be possible to add a switch to allow the outfitter bar to be hidden during pet battles? I'll see if it's easy to just detect the normal toolbars being hidden and shown and try hooking it up to that. That way I can avoid having to add an option and instead have it "just work".
File: Outfitter11-15-12
With the settings you describe Outf...
Posted By: mundocani
With the settings you describe Outfitter will build an outfit with the maximum possible Spell Haste. If a slot has no haste items or if the items have the same haste, then it will choose the item that has the most Int. If there aren't any Int items or they're equal, then the most Spirit will be chosen. <= means "less than or equ...
File: Outfitter10-14-12
I have a weird issue and I cannot s...
Posted By: mundocani
I have a weird issue and I cannot seem to nail the reason it acts that way: Whenever I select my fishing setup, if I click back the normal or shadowform outfit so I can pursue questing it will automatically reswap back to fishing within a few seconds. It is very annoying, I have tried to remove the 'script' attached to fishing ou...
File: Outfitter10-14-12
About 1/2 second...no gcd scroll ov...
Posted By: mundocani
About 1/2 second...no gcd scroll over the icons but long enough to actually equip it and apply it to my stats etc. I don't have a staff to try it on, but maybe this script would work: -- $EVENTS OUTFIT_EQUIPPED Outfitter.SchedulerLib:ScheduleTask(1.0, function () UseInventoryItem(GetInventorySlotInfo("MainHandSlot")) end) The...
File: Outfitter10-13-12
Re: Legendary Staff
Posted By: mundocani
I was wondering if there is a way without hotkeys to equip the legendary staff, mount up, and when I dismount, equip my new weapons that replaced it :( I spent so long getting it, it just doesn't feel right not to use the mount. Is there a cooldown after you equip the staff before you can /use it?
File: Outfitter10-10-12
Re: Outfit items Stat comparison
Posted By: mundocani
The comparison feature in Outfitter augments the Blizzard comparison feature by including items from your outfits (so you can compare new loot against an item you're not wearing at the moment, for example). The comparison tooltips show up at the same time as the Blizzard tooltips, ie when you hold down shift. Is there a way to ge...
File: Group Calendar 508-29-12
Re: Unable to edit events
Posted By: mundocani
Hi! I use OpenRaid.us's addon to import events into my calendar more easily. I've noticed two things: 1) is that when GC5 is enabled it hangs on the first event and simply keeps repeatidly posting the same thing over and over and 2)Once I've disabled GC5 and gotten the events imported then turn GC5 back on I no longer have the abil...
File: Outfitter08-29-12
5.5.2 should fix the LibDataBroker...
Posted By: mundocani
5.5.2 should fix the LibDataBroker error message as well as being able to equip ranged weapons in the MH slot
File: Outfitter08-28-12
Re: Keybind for updating to current items?
Posted By: mundocani
I was wondering if there was a keybind or a quick way to update your set to the currently equipped items rather than clicking through the menus? If you hold down any modifier while choosing an outfit from the minimap menu or outfit bar then it will update that outfit with your current gear. A dialog will appear explaining what's go...
File: Outfitter01-23-12
I've uploaded version 5.4.4 which f...
Posted By: mundocani
I've uploaded version 5.4.4 which fixes a problem with the Twin Peaks battleground and also localizes WSG properly so that should now work in other languages. IMPORTANT: I had to add a new file (LibBabble-SubZone) and so you can NOT update Outfitter to this new version by simply doing a reload UI while the game is still running....
File: Group Calendar 512-06-11
Re: Re: Re: Possible Issue
Posted By: mundocani
The additional window opens up once you click a date or an existing event -- it's not there all the time. I'm still not seeing any problems myself, but I'll try wiping my GC5 data to simulate a new user and see if there's some sort of first-time initialization bug. :eek: It was me. Somehow when I put GC5 into my addons folder I...
File: Group Calendar 512-05-11
Re: Possible Issue
Posted By: mundocani
I'm not sure what the poster below is talking about but I tried the latest version last Thursday. I had and "issue". I did not get an additional window to the right of my calendar like shown in the screenshot. I did not get the tabs at the bottom. I thought the addon wasn't loaded so I checked for a method to "turn it on". I fou...
File: Group Calendar 512-01-11
seems broke in 4.3, anyone have fix...
Posted By: mundocani
seems broke in 4.3, anyone have fixes? I haven't found any issues at all so far. What problems are you seeing?
File: Outfitter11-02-11
Originally posted by fogtoo I jus...
Posted By: mundocani
Originally posted by fogtoo I just downloaded Outfitter and loving it. However I am stumbed by 1 thing. I can't get "Show in item comparisons" to work. It might be due to me not fully understanding what is meant by this, but I thought it was something similar to equipcompare or similar addons? I figured out I could shift hover ov...
File: Group Calendar 510-10-11
Originally posted by Eronian23 Ma...
Posted By: mundocani
Originally posted by Eronian23 Maybe there is a way you could add in the ability to SHOW an event to all guilds involved without inviting every last member. then those who CAN come could sign up. I WOULD if BLIZZARD would make that POSSIBLE with their CALENDAR. But they DON'T so I CAN'T.
File: Outfitter08-12-11
Re: Re: Building outfits for stats...
Posted By: mundocani
I haven't had much luck reproducing the optimization problem Hentaya. I don't have a PvP set, so instead I tried make a caster DPS outfit by asking for Haste <= 0 and Max. Int. That worked though, and the outfit I got contained no items with Haste :/ I'll try to collect some PvP gear and try it again, but it'll probably take a w...
File: Outfitter08-07-11
Re: Building outfits for stats...
Posted By: mundocani
Thanks for the detailed description Hentaya, I appreciate it. I'm looking at the code now and trying to remember how/why I wrote it the way I did. The problem is happening because of the way I compare outfits for the genetic search (which makes the NP-complete problem much more practical in a game scripting engine). Specifically,...
File: Outfitter07-29-11
Originally posted by dirtag Is it...
Posted By: mundocani
Originally posted by dirtag Is it possible to put a rebuild outfit into a macro ? kinda like : /run Outfitter.RebuildOutfit("name of Outfit)"; /run Outfitter:RebuildOutfit(Outfitter:FindOutfitByName("Your outfit name")) should do the trick. If the outfit is in the EM then you will have to equip the outfit first. Native...
File: Outfitter07-24-11
Re: Re: Re: Re: Strange issue with dualspeccing and item set names
Posted By: mundocani
Originally posted by dirtag I think I managed to trigger it again.. If I have 2 full outfits enabled and the put them to the EM, and REMOVE them again, weird things start to happen. I'm going to try some other iterations and see if there is something else weird going on... Thanks, I'll work on repro'ing it using that appro...
File: Outfitter07-19-11
Re: Strange issue with dualspeccing and item set names
Posted By: mundocani
I'll work on repro'ing it, but I'll have to dust off my warrior and re-spec her so it'll probably be a few days before I get to it. In the meantime, are your outfits being stored in the WoW EM? When an outfit is in the EM, I count on the EM to tell me where the items for each slot are located. It's possible that the EM is being...