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File: TipTop10-19-14
Any chance we'll see an update for...
Posted By: Seerah
Any chance we'll see an update for 6.0.2? It's still right here:
File: sCompanions10-15-14
Any word on an update or does it wo...
Posted By: Seerah
Any word on an update or does it work with 6/0/2? There were some changes to the mount journal and sCompanions needs fixed up. I haven't had a chance to get to it yet, as this patch came at a very busy time for me.
File: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit?10-15-14
Blimey this little pearl survived u...
Posted By: Seerah
Blimey this little pearl survived unscathed across patches but now it's finally broken and I am stuck with the ugly default look. Talk about a dive into the past! Is an update for the coming expansion planned? Pretty please with gnomish sugar on top? :p I am in the middle of rewriting it (there were A LOT of changes to the tracke...
File: TipTop09-21-14
Would enjoy a update for WOD http:...
Posted By: Seerah
Would enjoy a update for WOD and the option to display names in the class color. There are so many other ways to show class with TipTop. The default UI uses the name color for faction/reaction info, and I wish for it to remain this way. (TipTop just reskins the de...
File: LovelyLoot09-07-14
Re: Artwork surrounding
Posted By: Seerah
Is it possible to add an option to see the dragon on the loot frame again? LovelyLoot doesn't remove the dragon texture - it never even showed it in the first place. This is a part of the default loot frame. Is it no longer showing? (Note: just to be clear, it would only appear on loot that came from an elite/boss npc.)
File: LovelyLoot08-08-14
Re: Re: Re: My loot icons have borders
Posted By: Seerah
Is this on live or on beta? It's working fine on beta: I could add an option to change the fonts. In the screenshots, they are changed because I have a Fonts folder in the addon director to override them manually. This is on live. It is driving me bon...
File: LovelyLoot08-08-14
Re: My loot icons have borders
Posted By: Seerah
I can see that the addon is supposed to remove the border around the loot icons. That is why I installed it. I use rActionButtonStyler. I can see the styles from that addon within the border of the loot icons. I have gone through the lua, but I am unable to find why the default loot icon border is there. If I disable rActionButt...
File: TipTop (WoD)08-08-14
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Odd size?
Posted By: Seerah
Looked a bit more, its definitely something to do with anchoring, and the tooltips position, anchoring it left or top, or both will make the tooltip stretch. This also happens to me with TipTac, another tooltip addon when i change anchors and try and move it. Okay, so I was getting the stretched tooltip when it was anchored anyw...
File: TipTop (WoD)08-05-14
Re: Re: Re: Odd size?
Posted By: Seerah
I don't know, maybe i am just being stupid with something? Here is a quick video of me doing it, do you see anything i'm doing that would possibly make it do this, i deleted all the WTF files and interface before doing this, just in case. (excuse some render problems) Youtube Link Thanks for the video. I'll try again to see...
File: TipTop (WoD)08-04-14
Re: Odd size?
Posted By: Seerah
Just tried it out on beta, seems to be having a seizure or something? Heres what it does: From what I tried, it only does this when you try to put the tooltip in a certain position, having it on cursor making the tooltip be its normal size. The tooltip will also be normal if the mover is dragged away...
File: Flyout Bindings07-30-14
And Gello strikes again. :) Nice one.
Posted By: Seerah
And Gello strikes again. :) Nice one.
File: PocketPlot01-22-14
Setting the font made no difference...
Posted By: Seerah
Setting the font made no difference. It was setting to "Negotiate Free" size 12 with no outline flag at log in and wasn't picking up the selected font. It looked smaller but that was because of no outline. There's something similar to line 25 on Line 957 just in case that might have something to do with it. Line 957 isn't setting...
File: PocketPlot01-21-14
Hi I found the problem. The font on...
Posted By: Seerah
Hi I found the problem. The font on the coords was resetting to "Negotiate Free" with no outline flag because you have this line in your code: Line 25: coords:SetFont("Interface\\AddOns\\PocketPlot\\media\\negotiate_free.ttf", 12) --temporary By commenting out that line the coords picks up the saved font. You may have a better...
File: PocketPlot01-20-14
Are you trying to set it to 12 and...
Posted By: Seerah
Are you trying to set it to 12 and it keeps resetting to the default size (which is 16), or does it keep resetting to 12? What font are you using? Does the same thing happen if you use a different font? (I notice that the font name is not shown in your options screenshot. This means that the font you picked is probably housed i...
File: PocketPlot01-06-14
Re: Re: new icons
Posted By: Seerah
Hi Serah, is possible that pocketplot (v2.15) is unable to display the new icons for rare mob (like the ones in the lost time island) ? Thanks and happy new year. Uhm probably my fault, because using only PocketPlot and RareAlert I see them :-) I'll check it better ... Yeah. The last update added all new textures.
File: TipTop10-17-13
I have some reason terrible lag bec...
Posted By: Seerah
I have some reason terrible lag because of this addon Would you like to elaborate on that a little bit more?
File: TipTop10-15-13
It adds several class icons into th...
Posted By: Seerah
It adds several class icons into the same tooltip. Here's a picture : I "mouseover'ed" an NPC (Zik'tik) then quickly moved several times over my voidlord pet and player frames before the tooltip faded out. Try changing line 524 of tiptop.lua from this: if event == "UPDATE_MOUSEOVER_UNIT" then...
File: TipTop10-14-13
@Elisios: How are you disabling th...
Posted By: Seerah
@Elisios: How are you disabling the tooltip? What are the "strange results"? @Glasse: When/how are you getting this error?
File: TipTop09-17-13
Re: Great addon
Posted By: Seerah
Love the add-on so far. The only issue I can see is that when I have the health bar inside the frame, it obscures text at the bottom of the frame. Usually it is quest related text. Can you make it to where the frame scales with the text allowing the health bar to remain underneath all the text? It didn't used to act that way...
File: ShinyBuffs08-18-13
Re: Duration
Posted By: Seerah
Is there a way to remove the withe/yellow duration text? Sorry I missed this last week. >< This is a default UI option.
File: PocketPlot05-23-13
Re: instance difficult
Posted By: Seerah
Hi Seerah, could be possible in the next version of PocketPlot to have the possibility to show the instance difficult with a text like 5, 25H and so on ... instead to show the flag ? BTW thanks again for this great addon. For future reference, feature requests belong at my portal so I can keep track of them. For this reques...
File: AI-Art MicroMenu04-04-13
Is there any chance of updating thi...
Posted By: Seerah
Is there any chance of updating this for the newer buttons? I Love the artwork of this, and tried to update myself, but I'm not skilled enough to do so :( I have no time atm, but post this on my portal (as a feature request) and I'll try to remember.
File: TipTop03-20-13
I'm getting the following error whe...
Posted By: Seerah
I'm getting the following error when mousing over objects, usually one line items like the "Farmer's Journal" Odd... That code's only supposed to be called if the tooltip is over a unit... Even more odd... According to Wowhead, the Farmer's Journal is an NPC... :confused: (Ah, I guess it's considered an "innkeeper".) I'll pu...
File: KeepingTabs03-14-13
Thanks for the official update, mig...
Posted By: Seerah
Thanks for the official update, might just want to update/remove the warning about this version being for 5.0.4 :) Oops. :o Thanks! (Technically, it said 5.0.4+ ;) )
File: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit?03-13-13
The tracker width is controlled by...
Posted By: Seerah
The tracker width is controlled by the default UI itself. You can have it the normal width or a wide width, which is set in the Interface Options. Perhaps you have it on wide?