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File: Carbonite Warehouse01-16-15
And later that day, a new version c...
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And later that day, a new version comes out that fixes this issue. Thanks!
File: Carbonite Warehouse01-15-15
Double entries?
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I am glad to see the Warehouse feature back for Carbonite, but what I am seeing is that I am getting tooltip double entries for each of my characters, except for the current one. So if I am on Bob, and I have Sue, and Fred, then the tooltip for an item, I see the following: Cool Item! Bob Sue Sue Fred Fred Anyone else...
File: Bigger Tradeskill UI02-05-13
You seemed to have left all the 'gi...
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You seemed to have left all the 'git' files inside the zip file this time.
File: TourGuide10-06-12
Making TourGuide work with WoW 5.x
Posted By: CrushBug
Even though many of the lower level quests don't match with Tour Guide anymore, I still found the Crusade and Lich ones to work well. Here is what I did to make TourGuide work with WoW 5.x. TourGuide.toc Change line 1 to "## Interface: 50001" TourGuide.lua Comment out lines 107 through 116 with "--" That seemed to...
File: LightHeaded01-03-11
Awesome timely fix! Thanks!
Posted By: CrushBug
Awesome timely fix! Thanks!
File: GathererDB WoWHead12-02-08
Smaller size than last version?
Posted By: CrushBug
The pervious version's DB_WowheadData.lua file is 126,764 bytes. The new one is about 1/2 that. Does this really contain all the data?
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window03-28-08
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OK, that new one at least has the TOC updated :)
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window03-27-08
This "new" version is binarily the same as the old one
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This "new" version is binarily the same as the old one. I just did the compare and the TOC is old, too. ## Interface: 20300
File: LightHeaded11-14-07
Says r172 but downloads r171
Posted By: CrushBug
The posted version says r172, but the download button serves up the previous version. Can you reupload the new file or kick the db server, please :)