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File: Satrina Buff Frames 312-18-09
Originally posted by griddark I w...
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Originally posted by griddark I waiting patiently for 3.2, I never used to be a fan of non-bar buffs but SBF really changed that for me. I'm looking forward to the consolidated buff feature. XD I am not having any problems though everything works fine for me, but I did redo my UI when 3.3 came out. +1,waiting patiently....
File: Satrina Buff Frames 312-11-09
The 3.1.20 version runs well in my...
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The 3.1.20 version runs well in my WoW, except one little issue - the ButtonFacade integration not work. When I'm in SBF's config mode all seem perfect, but when I quit the config dialog, the ButtonFacade effect will lose... Anyway, thanks for the good job :)
File: LightHeaded08-14-09
Originally posted by Cladhaire Yo...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire You're almost certainly using Carbonite or some other addon that is changing the positioning of the window. In short, there's no "fix" since LightHeaded is doing what it's supposed to be doing. The issue is another addon. Ah... you are definitely right... Thanks! :)
File: LightHeaded08-14-09
I do have updated to the newest r29...
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I do have updated to the newest r297(and cleaned the WTF folder), but the situation seems like: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2426/3819268267_42df39b080.jpg Any suggestion about that ...:(
File: LightHeaded08-11-09
Works perfectly with Cart and other...
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Works perfectly with Cart and other addons. But still a uncomfortable offset from the new quest log frame...:(
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends07-25-09
The newest version cannot save the...
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The newest version cannot save the 'sortType' attribute correctly. I had to change its value from 'zone' to 'class' in Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends.lua under WTF folder.
File: Aloft06-27-09
For newest 2.8.0 beta: Should it...
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For newest 2.8.0 beta: Should it be '30100', other than '31000'? :D
File: FuBar 3.6.509-18-06
Asmo Honor Role
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Hi, ckknight! Would you please give a glance at that addon: http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-2014-asmo-honor-role.html It provides a feature that logs all the HK in one day. One can analyse that log info to find out the efficiency in battle ground. Would you add it to the Titan-To-Boss-Panel list in wowace? :p
File: FuBar 3.6.509-10-06
Changing Texture
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Great panel! Have completed the Titan->FuBar transformation and maintain a Chinese localization now. Many guys are asking a question: how to change the default background? I've searched web, this forum and wowace but found no info. Any comments here? Is there any guide to make custom background for FuBar, and further more, any pre...
File: FuBar - GroupFu09-07-06
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Oh, I just find yet another little issue in the line 461: tmpdata.LastWinner = tmpdata.Rolls.Player .. " " It uses the FuBar 1.2 FuBarUtils object and required ACE/FuBar-compat-1.2 to work properly. Would it be better to use just FuBar2 functionality to make it? BTW, GroupFu is really the best among all of that kind, thanks...
File: FuBar - GroupFu09-06-06
Line 862: if (self.db.profil...
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Line 862: if (self.db.profile.TextMode == "LOOTTYFU") then Should it be: if (self.db.profile.TextMode ~= "LOOTTYFU") then The rolls could not be recorded unless it is LootTy mode. I consider it is not the proper behavior... ;)