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File: Talent Planner10-18-08
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Originally posted by thegabbert @Brillig: Version 3.1 is up (or should be soon). It now properly hides itself when you are looking at pet talents, so it doesn't show colored borders, your talent count instead of the pet's, or player talent ranks in the tooltip, and you should be able to learn pet talents, link them with Shift-Click...
File: Talent Planner10-16-08
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Originally posted by thegabbert @Brillig: I haven't logged in with my hunter yet, but I'll see what I can find out. Talent Planner doesn't actually have any hunter pet talent data and it's not supposed to try to plan talents for anyone but the player. Yeah, planning for each pet could get to be a pain. But planner needs to..umm...n...
File: Talent Planner10-15-08
I can't get this to work with the p...
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I can't get this to work with the pet talent tree on my hunter. It shows all 71 points planned, obviously a bleed over from my character trees. It won't let me plan my pet's tree. Right and left clicking does nothing. Clearing my character's plan doesn't help. I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong and you can set me straight...or t...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames11-16-07
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Originally posted by Perfeksion Guess I'm just not very observant then. I thought I always saw it going all the time while I was in cat form, whether I was in combat/stealthed or not. Just disregard my previous comment and chalk it up to lack of sleep and maybe a bit of stupidity ;) . Me too. I always saw it both in cat form a...
File: Fubar -- MTA_PetFu01-10-07
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toc number should be 20003 And I agree with Fred. ty :)
File: FuBar - TrainerFu11-25-06
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Originally posted by Nickenyfiken Yes i have been thinking of that. I have a warlock alt i am playing with now and then so there i have to try and do that. I have no idea how complicated it is so there is a possibility i have to write a lot of new code because the demon trainer is working like a vendor that sell books so its a diff...
File: FuBar - RestFu11-15-06
For what it's worth. I got this wor...
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For what it's worth. I got this working on TBC. I switched the libs with ones from Epoxy, changed the ToC, and went through and changed all the occurances of 60 to 70. So far, so good.
File: Outfitter11-12-06
Re: Getting error when trying to change to benediction
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Originally posted by Monkster I get an error about interfering with the blizzard ui whenever i change my staff back and forth. I get the same thing whenever I try to use a sharpening stone.
File: eCastingBar11-01-06
Working fine for me :) ... thanks f...
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Working fine for me :) ... thanks for porting this, I really needed a replacement casting bar.
File: FuBar - QuestsFu09-03-06
A fix to the errors (temporary)
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I'm getting the same behavior as jpupz. What I ended up doing was going back to version 9777 and re-installing the lib folder overwriting the latest libs. This cleared everything up and I *still* get the new features (i.e., level numbers in Blizzard quest log). :)