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File: bdBuffs10-14-10
Any idea how I can apply a horizont...
Posted By: JohnCover
Any idea how I can apply a horizontal offset to the anchor? I currently have anchor equal to UIParent. (I know very little LUA) http://lh3.ggpht.com/_5iWDhcN9WbQ/TLfbMaeK6AI/AAAAAAAAB_g/Yn_q8XXEtLc/4.jpg
File: Cooldowns02-19-10
Bug: CD text showing on 100% opaque bars.
Posted By: JohnCover
Forgive me if this has been brought up already, however there seems to be a slight cosmetic bug where cooldown text continues to show when action bars are configured to be at 100% opacity unless mouse-overred . OmniCC doesn't appear to have this issue. I'm currently using Bartender4 to apply this opacity on mouse-over function.
File: Gladius10-25-09
Feature suggestion
Posted By: JohnCover
This is a fantastic addon; there is rely only one thing I'd like to see added and thats a bit more customization for the cast bars. It would be amazing if you could configure the cast bars to appear to the right or left of the unit much like in the screen shot below. http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/2530/wowscrnshot102509210911.j...
File: Bartender409-16-09
Totembar bug
Posted By: JohnCover
Sorry if this is a redundant bug report, however I thought I'd let you know that when 'Fadeout' is enabled on the new totembar you can't configure it.
File: Dominos09-16-09
I just updated to 1.11.0 and my act...
Posted By: JohnCover
I just updated to 1.11.0 and my action bars are now reverse or mirrored lol. Is this intended, and if so why? Not a bit deal I can just rebind everything just curious. :cool:
File: lolTip08-01-09
Function request
Posted By: JohnCover
An option to disable the item rarity borders would be cool. P.S. The health bar overlap bug seems to have stopped for me. I'm not sure if I changed something or if you updated it :rolleyes: just thought I'd let you know. :)
File: lolTip07-10-09
Originally posted by Lolzen Odd t...
Posted By: JohnCover
Originally posted by Lolzen Odd thing with the healthbar, i didn't got it when i played. Could you specify when this exactly happens? Any other (tooltip modifiing) AddOns enabled? I do have a lot of other addons enabled. I haven't modified the LUA at all. The bug doesn't appear to happen on most NPCs. If you mouse over a...
File: lolTip07-10-09
Graphical bug
Posted By: JohnCover
I rly like the addon. It's nice and simple, and it looks great. I've got one strange bug though, no LUA errors are generated. The unit HP will overlap whatever the last line of text is on the tooltip. In this case it's the talent line. Here is a screen shot: http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/300/bugyfk.png
File: SLDT_Statline05-30-09
Posted By: JohnCover
Resilience doesn't appear to be an available stat to monitor. It would be nice to have that as well.
File: Arena Historian05-29-09
Posted By: JohnCover
Very cool addon, some quick suggestion for possible enhancement: :banana: It would be cool if there was an additional option with your addon to have it broadcast the user's win/lose vs the current opponent upon a match start. Have it either say something like: "New Team!" Or "Teamnamelol 4/0". Also if a user rage quits a match...
File: Aloft04-30-09
If this has been mentioned before p...
Posted By: JohnCover
If this has been mentioned before please forgive the redundancy. If you could add an additional function to your addon that hides pet/totem nameplates, that would be absolutely amazing. Love the addon, keep up the good work! :)
File: SSGeneral Arenas02-03-09
Did the latest arena rating changes...
Posted By: JohnCover
Did the latest arena rating changes affect the functionality of the addon?
File: MikScrollingBattleText01-10-09
Outgoing damage on nameplates?
Posted By: JohnCover
Is it possible to display outgoing damage on nameplates, similar to the default damage text location?
File: OPie11-15-08
Posted By: JohnCover
File: SLDataText11-14-08
Hello, I just wanted to request a...
Posted By: JohnCover
Hello, I just wanted to request a mouse-over function for the current Experience DataText. I think the addition of an Experience/hour field would be most useful. Thanks for the great addon, -John Cover
File: Diablo 3 dynamic Orbs11-05-08
Love the mod, fantastic recreation...
Posted By: JohnCover
Love the mod, fantastic recreation of the D3 UI. However, I'm having a small issue when I run the "/dynorbs bar hide" command. The textures (D3Orb2HealthFog & D3Orb2ManaFog) aren't entirely enclosed in their orbs. They're protruding out of their circular containers. Here's a screen shot of the issue: http://img262.imageshack.u...
File: SLDataText10-30-08
Love the addon, and I just wanted t...
Posted By: JohnCover
Love the addon, and I just wanted to bring an error that I'm receive upon log-in to your attention. I'm using v. 2.10, and the error is generated consistently on load. Error: : SLDataText-2.10\Locale\deDE.lua:4: attempt to index local 'L' (a nil value)
File: Natur Enemy Castbar08-04-08
I'm getting this error on load with...
Posted By: JohnCover
I'm getting this error on load with the latest version. http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/7674/errortj1.png
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows06-12-08
Love the program, quick suggestions...
Posted By: JohnCover
Love the program, quick suggestions. The back-up feature. When reverting to a back-up, have an option to skip the "backing up before reversion" phase. With some of the larger UIs it can take on an extra 10+ mins to the operation. The "Restore Saved Variables With Addon" option should probably be on by default rather than off...