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File: Wullie's UI12-31-13
Re: Re: Great UI
Posted By: doominus
Hi, Thanks for your comments. You can configure DOT timers through Tidyplates which is already included in my UI. Other than that you could always use TellMeWhen or ForteXorcist. As for battle text, I have it turned off, I just don't like it. You could turn on the standard battle text from Blizzard or use something lik...
File: Wullie's UI12-30-13
Great UI
Posted By: doominus
Hey Wullie, Just wanted to congratulate you on a very clean, and neat running UI. Couple of questions: Is there any DoT timer for locks in this package? if not can you recommend one? I'm not seeing any scrolling battle text or visual damage on my spells, i only see the hp bar on the nameplate go down, could this have been...