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File: SnailUI07-28-13
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Message: Interface\AddOns\SnailUI\Elements\BlizzardFrames.lua:5: attempt to index global 'CompactRaidFrameContainer' (a nil value) Time: 07/29/13 00:21:32 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\SnailUI\Elements\BlizzardFrames.lua:5: in function `HandleBlizzardFrames' Interface\AddOns\SnailUI\SnailUI.lua:46: in function `func' Interfac...
File: mbXtremeUI 5.006-26-13
I've followed the instructions. My...
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I've followed the instructions. My monitor size is the same as yours. This is what the UI looks like...... http://i.imgur.com/OVudLZF.jpg You are on 1920*1200 and not 1920*1080 !