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File: roth ui -arv- (diablo)06-10-13
Most up to date?
Posted By: Gallian
Is this up to date? The reason I ask is because Roth UI (the original) is listed 5.3. This has not. I wanna make sure I won't have issues when installing it and using it before I try. Right now I'm using another UI, but I think I like the look of this one better.
File: qMinimap06-07-13
Addon Conflict
Posted By: Gallian
There seems to be an addon conflict between Carbonite and qMinimap. I use the QulightUI but this is still related to the minimap so I came here. Instead of the minimap looking the way it should like in the UI screenshots, it's round with a black square behind it, when using Carbonite together with it. I do not use the Carbonite ma...