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File: Dominos07-28-13
Could we have easier way to copy Dominos to alts?
Posted By: Squishery
Dominos was my 1st choice of Action Bar mods. After some futzing, I finally got it set up on my Rogue... but then when I tried to use my Rogues set-up as a template for my other characters I lost everything. All of my settings went goodbye and I had to re-set up the standard Blizz action bars. A month later (when I stopped fuming)...
File: Atlas06-18-13
Maybe a little more clear info?
Posted By: Squishery
Hello, I am considering an add-on to replace my current map add-on because it will not work in some battle grounds (leaving me blind) and doesnt always work in instances (leaving me blind). When I came across Atlas I was intrigued because of the features. Then I browsed the forum and found that most of the comments have to d...
File: MikScrollingBattleText03-13-13
Just installed this add-on and find...
Posted By: Squishery
Just installed this add-on and find it helpful so far. However, I would like to change some settings and use a thinner font. The problem is that when I try to load "MSBT", I get the message "Could not load MSBT" " MSBT had been disabled". Im assuming that MSBT is the configutation/settings? (Add on Control Panel tells me MSBT's an o...