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File: MetaMap05-21-13
Bug in patch 5.3
Posted By: caaagh
Getting the following from Bugsack as soon as I log into a character - had to disable MetaMap just to play the game 1x MetaMap\MetaMap-5.2.5.lua:2355: attempt to index global "WorldMapQuestShowObjectives" (a nil value) MetaMap\MetaMap-5.2.5.lua:2355: in function "MetaMapOptions_Init" MetaMap\MetaMap-5.2.5.lua:447: in function
File: MetaMap03-08-13
Thanks! 5.2.3 works perfectly!
Posted By: caaagh
Thanks for sorting out the errors, everything working perfectly now :) (I sent a donation too :)) Caagh