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File: Skaarj UI03-01-15
any dbm update
Posted By: Massiveunit
any dbm update
File: Skada Damage Meter03-01-15
Any1 know how to turn off names on...
Posted By: Massiveunit
Any1 know how to turn off names on bars as well as dps numbers. I just want the bar with no writing on it. What do I have to do in the lua? What lines do i have to change? Thank U
File: Skaarj UI02-28-15
DBM is not working right keep getti...
Posted By: Massiveunit
DBM is not working right keep getting error, any chance for an update? thxs
File: Altz UI02-27-15
can u plz update]
Posted By: Massiveunit
can u plz update]
File: Skullflower's UI02-27-15
Posted By: Massiveunit
DBM broken, plz fix the profile loader for it. love this UI, could not imagine playing without it THXS
File: SunUI02-12-15
Posted By: Massiveunit
Does this include raid frames? Can u include your skada profile? Love this interface, nice work. What damage meter are u using? What Boss mod is supported? Can u remove or disable your bag mod, love cargBags_Nivaya. Thxs, Massive
File: Aurora: Missing Textures02-07-15
Posted By: Massiveunit
Hey, Does this addon skin the blizz loss of control that pop up in the middle of the screen? What file do i need to skin the login screen ie were u enter your user name and password, and store. Do I need to install all the files? :banana::banana::banana::D Massive
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)02-02-15
Posted By: Massiveunit
does this addon skinn the loss of control that pops in the middle of the screen?
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-30-15
this version no longer supported, m...
Posted By: Massiveunit
this version no longer supported, mung on new project.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)06-12-14
Posted By: Massiveunit
I plan to post some screens of new visual thingies later today so check back in to get a small preview.... Very excited, cannot wait to see how thing are looking. Love this UI so much!!!! Thanks, Massive
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)06-02-14
Share DL
Posted By: Massiveunit
Munglunch, I just wanted to share what I've done based on ALZA UI (I've moved other elements around since this screenshot.) Thanks for creating SVUI... looking forward to 4.0. Thats real cool can I DL it? Massive
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)05-28-14
Lets Ride
Posted By: Massiveunit
Added new "Lets Ride" mounting feature. Set the binding in the key-binding menu (should be at the bottom), then go to your mount journal and select one of each mount type (ie... flying, ground, swimming). click the button and enjoy!-LOVE IT, THXS Massiveunit
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)05-21-14
OH yah
Posted By: Massiveunit
Yes 4.0 is fast approaching and will be a game-changer (...I hope) Can't wait!!!! Can we get some teaser pics? Massive
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)05-11-14
Aura bars being able to detach from player frame!
Posted By: Massiveunit
Hey, Anyway we can move player aura bars to the middle of the screen between player and target frames? BTW love the UI so much..... Thanks for all u do for us!!!! Massiveunit
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)12-09-13
When this will be available to down...
Posted By: Massiveunit
When this will be available to download :< When he finishes recoding it without elv code. See the commentary below. I'm personally excited to see what this will become. Me too!!!!! Loved old version so much... Massive
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-21-13
Re: Re: 3.0.7 changes - questionable
Posted By: Massiveunit
Hey, I have no intention of using the ElvUI style classbars...agreed, your's look so much cooler. Keep up the great work!
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-17-13
Thank you! Confirming they are fixe...
Posted By: Massiveunit
Thank you! Confirming they are fixed. Just a few more... I see the target's target frame and pet frame as these: Power bars and colors need to be tweaked a bit more. Thanks! Updated... I have fixed the petbattle issue and added my global "Fonts" folder so that you can have more consist...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-14-13
Love this ui so cool... question ca...
Posted By: Massiveunit
Love this ui so cool... question can I use elvi addon skin with it. thxs massive
File: BlkUI09-16-13
Will this be updated for 5.4? Thxs...
Posted By: Massiveunit
Will this be updated for 5.4? Thxs, Massive
File: ElvUI Kkthnx09-04-13
We can hope Nib will fix it. Is Ni...
Posted By: Massiveunit
We can hope Nib will fix it. Is Nib aware its broken on PTR?
File: Altz UI08-12-13
When i log in, i always have to cli...
Posted By: Massiveunit
When i log in, i always have to click on a little pet/mob on the screen to see my UI. Is there an option to disable this? Greetings No. I like it so much that I don't want to make an option to disable it. :( You may also press any key on your keyboard to hide it. Same love that
File: Altz UI08-11-13
Hey, Any chance u can make stance...
Posted By: Massiveunit
Hey, Any chance u can make stance bar show only on mouse over? I like to have it hidden! Thxs, Love UI!!!! Massive
File: Altz UI07-30-13
Question, I see skada and dbm are s...
Posted By: Massiveunit
Question, I see skada and dbm are skinned, anyway they could be in a fixed position? Not sure where to put the skada window. Anyway the party frames on healz can be horizontal not vertical? Thxs
File: ElvUI Kkthnx07-26-13
Posted By: Massiveunit
K, U still with us? Massive
File: KuiNameplates04-28-13
target highlight looks awesome, tha...
Posted By: Massiveunit
target highlight looks awesome, thanks for update Agreed, very sexy! Thxs, Massive