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File: Towelliee's Tank UI / LUI (16:9)11-23-13
Mac support
Posted By: jaksmillie
I don't know if any has talked about this, but is there a way to use the toon setup .exe on a mac, and if so how. I used it on a windows machine a little while back and it worked perfect, and have been trying to do the manual installation, but cannot get the settings for the addons to work. Thank you in advance.
File: Towelliee's Tank UI / LUI (16:9)02-23-13
Two health bars above enemies heads.
Posted By: jaksmillie
Yea so i just installed the towelliee tank UI, and I really like it, but i've really only had one problem and that is that there are two healthbars above an enemies head. I have tried everything to fix it, but I want the default health bar gone, so that on the tidyplates healthbar I can see the agro of the trash I am tanking. So basi...