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File: MayronUI Gen508-10-16
How can I move the mouseover toolti...
Posted By: arildin
How can I move the mouseover tooltip? Currently it is in a corner, and I want it at my mouse pointer. Thanks, GREAT UI <3 loving it I believe you can do this by typing /tiptac and searching through their options under the anchor section.
File: MayronUI Gen501-03-14
Re: Second Bard
Posted By: arildin
Hi dears, how i can activate the second Bar in this UI like in Screenshot 2? You hold down the CTRL key and it shows a button on the action bars saying "Expand". Hope this helps :)
File: MayronUI Gen511-22-13
To put a small break in the bug rep...
Posted By: arildin
To put a small break in the bug reporting, I just wanted to say that Mayron, you have outdone yourself. You have done an amazing job with this ui and I know that you'll just continue to improve an already great ui. Keep up the hard work! :)
File: MayronUI Gen511-14-13
Can't wait to see the new features!...
Posted By: arildin
Can't wait to see the new features!! Keep up the awesome work! :D
File: MayronUI Gen506-21-13
Re: I assume this is as an easy fix?
Posted By: arildin
http://i.imgur.com/l0p6c4N.jpg But I essentially want to swap that. Also - do you recommend an addon so if I have an enemy focused a cast-bar will be above the little icon? I don't know/think your UI has one implemented. Your ui is in Healer mode indicated by the H in the lower left hand corner. To switch the nameplates...
File: MayronUI Gen506-21-13
Hey, just wanted to say that I love...
Posted By: arildin
Hey, just wanted to say that I love the look of this ui! The only question I have is instead of doing a clean install of this addon pack, is there a way to just update the addons and wtf folder contents? If so, how? Thanks for your time and support of this addon pack!
File: MayronUI Gen502-04-13
Re: No loaded your addon
Posted By: arildin
I downloaded your addon, installed as video, so that when he is not in game loads do not know why, I pressed button install and is working with some addons plus most of the blizzard UI and what I do? My Currently with 1920x1080. Could you possibly narrow down your question or possibly post a picture of what the issue is?
File: MayronUI Gen501-31-13
Thanks for the incredibly fast resp...
Posted By: arildin
Thanks for the incredibly fast response and fix! You're awesome! Edit: The Kgpanels lua's didn't fix it for me, replaced them and it's still hidden Have you also replaced Interface/AddOns/MayronUI and Interface/AddOns/MayronSetup? I was having the same issues with Grid and once I replaced/upgraded those files and the kgpanels...