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File: DuffedUI v8 Legion Alpha05-29-16
Posted By: Banis
I get this error in every minutes in the game: Message: Interface\AddOns\DuffedUI\core\func_Core.lua:178: attempt to call global 'CooldownFrame_SetTimer' (a nil value) Time: 05/29/16 10:51:16 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\DuffedUI\core\func_Core.lua:178: in function `ShiftBarUpdate' ...face\AddOns\DuffedUI\modules\actionb...
File: XanUI10-26-15
Re: Re: Re: Re: Grid
Posted By: Banis
Hello! I realy like your UI, because this is f*cking awesome. I only have one problem with it. I want to track the "Germination" spell on the grid, but i chose the top right corner for example and nothing happens :confused:. Can you give me any advice or fix to this? :( hi Banis! happy to hear that :) about your problem: the...
File: ElvUI Kkthnx01-07-14
Posted By: Banis
Hello if Elvui and Elvui Addon Skins out dated, can i update it ?
File: OPUI01-27-13
Opacus will you make 1280x1024 reso...
Posted By: Banis
Opacus will you make 1280x1024 resolution version ?
File: ScrableUI01-13-13
Posted By: Banis
Hello, this ui is working on 1280x1024 resolution ? :)