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File: LUI v312-14-12
Re: Re: Need help with Unit Frames
Posted By: Diso121
I'm assuming you enabled Auras in the player Unitframe configuration, right? I did try it and was also unable to cancel clicking on those ones. I'll add it to the issues list and see if I can track down if it should be possible, and if so, why it's not working. yea, i tried every thing i saw on enableing aura's and such, nothing...
File: LUI v312-13-12
Need help with Unit Frames
Posted By: Diso121
I need help please, it wont let me right click my buff off my unit frame, i have to enable aura's and have basically 2 sets of buffs and debuff's, one above my unit frames and 1 at the top of the screen so that if i have a buff i wanna clear i have to click from the buffs at the top of the screen, does anyone know how to make it to w...