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File: SUI BFA ALPHA05-03-18
Error found.
Posted By: Antaras
I got this while using a cannon during a quest in the Freehold area... Message: Interface\AddOns\SUI\inc\core\unitframes.lua:107: attempt to index global 'PlayerMasterIcon' (a nil value) Time: Thu May 3 08:11:53 2018 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\SUI\inc\core\unitframes.lua:107: attempt to index global 'PlayerMasterIcon' (a...
File: Details! Damage Meter 8.0 / 7.3.504-24-18
All mobs
Posted By: Antaras
Thank you for updating this early for us to use and test! I know that I must be missing the option somewhere because it's showing me all of the local mobs damage to one another, not only players. Where can I go to just show player only damage/healing??
File: Lorti UI04-21-18
BfA Update
Posted By: Antaras
Hello, and thank you for this UI, I've been enjoying using this for the past year or so and love it! I want to find out if you plan on updating it for the Battle for Azeroth expansion or not. I've seen SUI already update to the Alpha version, and there's another (ThuBzBlizzUI) that's also come close to this. Thank you for reading and...
File: Mono UI Remastered02-18-18
Nice tip.
Posted By: Antaras
moving the raid frame: firstly i'd restore the parts you removed. If you want to disable part, use the config files. Many objects depend on others. edit cfg.lua in ouf_mono find the line that says raid = { -- Raid frames configuration = true, For example: I changed the default to something else, so i commen...
File: Mono UI Remastered02-17-18
Thank you, and two errors.
Posted By: Antaras
First of all, thank you for updating this UI, it's been my favorite oUF layouts since WotLK. I don't use the rest of the UI, so I've done my best to "rip out" the Unitframes only (which could be the cause of these errors), but came across these while trying to heal an LFR. Folders removed from the UI: oUF_mono, MACOSX_, TargetingF...
File: oUF_Karma03-28-15
Posted By: Antaras
Any plans to include party frames? Mine never show up if they exist.
File: rBuffFrame02-28-15
Positioning problem.
Posted By: Antaras
Thank you for this simple addon, I love that it matches the Masque style I use. One issue I have is that with using Chocolate Bar and Chinchilla the positioning does not stay in one place. On some of my characters it is fine, others half of the buff icon is behind Chocolate Bar at the top.
File: BuffTimers (for the default UI)02-28-15
Translucent change.
Posted By: Antaras
I'm glad that someone has been keeping this up! I do have a question tough, what line do I need to change so that all the numbers are not translucent at all? I find that when I look over the buffs I look harder to make sure the time is correct on the more translucent buffs.
File: Chinchilla Minimap10-08-14
New version
Posted By: Antaras
The only bug I've found so far is that the coordinates sizing doesn't "stick". Every time I switch toons, it needs to be re-adjusted.
File: Mono UI09-06-14
oUF part of it
Posted By: Antaras
I've tried ripping out just the oUF part that I use, but it always remains locked in one place and can't be moved with Movable Frames. the last version of oUF_Mono can be moved, but not the builds from the total UI. Any ideas on a fix?
File: Mono UI10-30-13
The oUF Layout
Posted By: Antaras
With all of the changes recently, is there a way to update the oUF layout only on it's page, or is it best to take it out of the overall UI? I like the layout, and continue to enjoy it. Thank you.
File: oUF_mono11-05-12
Alt Power Bar
Posted By: Antaras
Would you be able to add Combo Points for Rogues, Chi for Monks, and Prayer of Mending bounces for Priests to the Alt Power Bar?