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File: Chinchilla Minimap10-08-14
New version
Posted By: Antaras
The only bug I've found so far is that the coordinates sizing doesn't "stick". Every time I switch toons, it needs to be re-adjusted.
File: Mono UI09-06-14
oUF part of it
Posted By: Antaras
I've tried ripping out just the oUF part that I use, but it always remains locked in one place and can't be moved with Movable Frames. the last version of oUF_Mono can be moved, but not the builds from the total UI. Any ideas on a fix?
File: Mono UI10-30-13
The oUF Layout
Posted By: Antaras
With all of the changes recently, is there a way to update the oUF layout only on it's page, or is it best to take it out of the overall UI? I like the layout, and continue to enjoy it. Thank you.
File: oUF_mono11-05-12
Alt Power Bar
Posted By: Antaras
Would you be able to add Combo Points for Rogues, Chi for Monks, and Prayer of Mending bounces for Priests to the Alt Power Bar?