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File: Kaytemoss UI09-10-13
Posted By: Madsplaid
Hi Kayte :) Afaik you've somewhat stopped raiding or what? I was wondering wether or not, you would be doing Weakauras for Siege? Regards All Mighty Brewslee
File: Kaytemoss UI07-17-13
Hi kayte Thanks for the upload,...
Posted By: Madsplaid
Hi kayte Thanks for the upload, it looks awesome :) buuut, you should've rerolled mistweaver... Would have saved me lots of hours, configuring vuhdo, bars, Weakuras, and setting up macros again :D I just have 2 questions.. I've starred at it for hours now, and I cant figure out what addon it is.. The Cooldown tracking bar a...
File: Wullie's UI10-19-12
Calendar bugs !?
Posted By: Madsplaid
Alright so, first of all.. I love the UI pack.. I've been using it a while now, on both my resto druid, warrior, and mistweaver monk .. Its great.. But one thing bugs me.. My calender is broken.. I cant see calendar events or invitations after relogging.. I tried updating and disabling the Altoholic addon.. Didnt change a thing...