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File: Towelliee's Tank UI / LUI (16:9)11-07-12
WTF auto invite issues..
Posted By: kitanah
Hey all... I installed this UI pack and only have 1 issue w/ it.... Everytime i get a WSP from a guildmate or friend on my friend list it auto invites them to group and converts to raid... How he heck do I turn this off?!?!?!?! As the GM of my guild I get no less than 100 WSP a session... REALLY REALLY annoying... lol PLEASE HELP!
File: Towelliee's Tank UI / LUI (16:9)10-16-12
Calendar and Mini map Tracking
Posted By: kitanah
Just a quick question... HOW in the world do I open the in game Calendar and also how do I switch my mini map tracking? I like to turn on/off my track minerals and track fish pools when i'm doing certain tasks. Any help here is great. Love the UI btw :)