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File: FreeUI05-22-13
Posted By: Zazu
Heey, Really like this UI but these castbars are killing me... Haveing a really hard time seeing them. So i wounder how i turn them off so i can replace them with an other addon
File: Skaarj UI02-22-13
Remove Icons from Castbar
Posted By: Zazu
Heey! Awsome UI but i cant find where to remove icons from castbars please help me :) regards zazu
File: Vex Power02-13-13
Best power tracking Addon!
Posted By: Zazu
Hey! Great work on this tracker! Just need Update pleasE! :)
File: Clean Icons - Cold02-08-13
Firsts of Fury
Posted By: Zazu
Hey awsome Icons but you forgot to skin Fists Of fury and Tiger Eye both Icons for Monks
File: AffinityUI10-08-12
Monk Weak Auras!
Posted By: Zazu
Hello awsome work! But i have this problem i really like your setup on Weak Auras but i dont know how to install them ;( I dont know were to put the files that u uploaded :< please help Regard ZAZU