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File: BAB Bars03-16-14
Cobra Shot is overlapping other but...
Posted By: Otaku_ishi
Cobra Shot is overlapping other buttons by 1/4 top of a button (below Cobra Shot icon) and 1/4 bottom of a button (above Cobra Shot icon). I've tried it on all the button slots and it shows it on all of them. Here is a picture: http://i.imgur.com/KmMMZfw.jpg DirectX11 if that means anything.
File: Bartender4 Arched11-14-12
Awesome start
Posted By: Otaku_ishi
I haven't downloaded this yet but I want to! First I would like to know if there is any way to flip the curve so its opposite (so it could fit my merc stealth keyboard game pad part on the curve somewhat) that way my fingers and brain will instantly have no issues pressing keys that are normally not used -- to normally be used.....
File: Numeration Damage Meter [Update for MoP]11-12-12
things work better with screenshots...
Posted By: Otaku_ishi
things work better with screenshots.. I don't download an addon otherwise.. I'm sure there are others like me.
File: Fundamental UI10-18-12
im guessing if u dont have such a h...
Posted By: Otaku_ishi
im guessing if u dont have such a huge ass screen to show absolutely nothing but the fundamentals u cant actually use this interface i dont get why pple have such huge screens just to have like nothin really to look at. A 24" screen or 23.5" or 1920x1080 resolution (also known as a 1080p resolution) is now the industry averag...
File: Fundamental UI10-12-12
Very nice, I just wish there was an...
Posted By: Otaku_ishi
Very nice, I just wish there was an easier way to re-size the mini-map. (size 125% is nice for native 1920x1680 widescreen IPS panels)