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File: FreeUI11-29-12
hey haleth, is there anyway to r...
Posted By: MC_Money
hey haleth, is there anyway to realize a simple way to modify the unitframe and the buffs/debuffs you can see on it? (espacially in heallayout) becouse i don't see some monk hots and it's rly annoying to edit a .lua file you have to search half an hour in some folder or other... so it would be rly rly nice if you can inplement...
File: FreeUI10-06-12
Hey do you have any bossmods that y...
Posted By: MC_Money
Hey do you have any bossmods that you reccommend? Ones that sort of fit in with the art of this great ui? :) normaly you can install dbm an it's skinned but it works fine for my warri, hunter and priest but not for my warlock :/ don't know how i can fix it :(
File: FreeUI10-03-12
problem with affli
Posted By: MC_Money
Hi, i play a warlock and i have a little problem with my dots. Atm i play destruction and i only have to see if coi and immolate is up on the mop... Now i want to play affli and there i need 2 more slots to show debuff's ... At the moment my ui looks like this. At the red mark i need 2 additional slots to see curse of the e...