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File: SnailUI12-13-12
This UI is really beautiful and as...
Posted By: pinkrabbid
This UI is really beautiful and as minimalistic as I never hoped to find. Lots of thanks to the maker of it! That's simply outstanding. Still I have a couple of questions, they were already asked earlier, still if there is some new info I might have missed, I need to ask again: 1. Can the size of the text in chat be changed? I...
File: SnailUI09-30-12
Posted By: pinkrabbid
Hi there. Have just tried this UI, and I find it pretty interesting and compact (just the way I like). Though have a problem - I need to customize it, but when I go to this interface menu (either through /sui and /snailui commands in chat or through WoW menu) I have no options there. I mean, only words "General. General options of Sn...