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File: Yay Mounts10-11-12
Nice addon but...
Posted By: soriginal10
I've been using this addon for a couple of months now. Overall, I'm very happy with it, from the mount perspective anyway. I have the option to use flying type mounts where you can't fly unchecked, though, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. It's still using drakes, discs, and such when I'm restricted to the ground. My major issu...
File: Yay Mounts09-12-12
Re: Re: When I get a new mount...
Posted By: soriginal10
Excellent, thank you very much.
File: Yay Mounts09-10-12
When I get a new mount...
Posted By: soriginal10
First off, I love this addon; great job! However, I'm confused as to what to do when I learn a new mount. Sometimes they just show up in the GUI but other times they don't. Is there some slash command I can use to reload the list? Thanks for any help. -Original
File: BankItems09-04-12
Posted By: soriginal10
I really love this addon, and I'm glad it still works with 5.0.4. Any news on void storage, though? Can we expect it soon?