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File: TriviaBot01-20-13
Posted By: Chrildwarven
hey I a having the same problem..after the recent patch, my trivia sometimes freezes up once someone says the correct answer. The version of Trivia that i have is 2.8.6 I've tried to reinstall the addon, tried different types of categories and even made my own, but it still freezes up. We use this wonderful addon for a guil...
File: DecUI12-08-12
Certain Quest
Posted By: Chrildwarven
Hey Decard, there is a certain quest in the Jade Forest where Lorewalker Cho tells you to remain balanced. To remain balanced you must watch a certain bar that pops up.....for me it doesn't show. In a past version of DecUI it worked perfectly for me. I don't have it now, and i was thinking it was something i accidentally turned of...
File: DecUI08-31-12
Posted By: Chrildwarven
Hey Decard, brilliant UI....far superior than any I have ever come across. I'm a relative newb at the DecUI controls so please forgive this simple yet stupid question. How do I unlock my action bar buttons to remove certain spells?