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File: oUF Skaarj04-18-14
oUF_Movableframes seems to be not w...
Posted By: Athi79
oUF_Movableframes seems to be not working as of late, when typing /omf nothing happens.
File: pNameplates09-15-12
Installed latest version this morni...
Posted By: Athi79
Installed latest version this morning and logged in and received this error 1x pNameplates-2.0.2\core.lua:508: attempt to index global "prof" (a nil value) pNameplates-2.0.2\core.lua:508: in function pNameplates-2.0.2\core.lua:515: in function Locals: g = { 0 =...
File: oUF Skaarj09-02-12
Thanks for the soulshard fix Skaarj...
Posted By: Athi79
Thanks for the soulshard fix Skaarj much appreciated.
File: oUF Skaarj08-31-12
Thick border's and warlock Soulshards
Posted By: Athi79
Been waiting for a update for your layout and was glad that you did but however when i logged into game there are black thicker than normal borders around the unitframes and cast bar. Another small issue is soulshards do not deplete. http://i.imgur.com/V9pJa.jpg