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File: WoWkemon12-12-12
Hi Nyctrennis, awesome work on this...
Posted By: Miliart
Hi Nyctrennis, awesome work on this addon, this really's gonna introduce some fun in pet battles :) I've got a problem though, whenever i start a battle everything goes fine until i choose my FIRST move to do with my pet. Then the whole actionbar disappears and i can't do anything, pressing keyboard buttons won't work even. Got any...
File: WoWkemon11-25-12
Whenever login to the game, when th...
Posted By: Miliart
Whenever login to the game, when the first FIGHT command is finished, it does not display any instruction. I can't attack or use the other skill, unless use keyboard 1 to kill the enemy, then I change pet or use the WoWkemon Ball in the second battle, I did the normal battle. These are the pictures.
File: QuestGuru11-15-12
Re: Scenarios patch
Posted By: Miliart
Gregity seems to be away for a while and I no longer wish to keep my patch from you folks. So you can download a small update that will include support for scenarios: Place that file in the folder QuestGuru_Tracker/ in your Addons folder after you installed version 2.2.12...
File: Collie09-29-12
About new mount can't be search
Posted By: Miliart Disc of the Red Flying Cloud can't show on my mount list when I use this addon. When I close it, I can find it in my mount list.
File: PhanxBuffs09-11-12
I can't show my debuffs in Version...
Posted By: Miliart
I can't show my debuffs in Version even I delete my WTF and restart wow...
File: ChatBar08-30-12
Chatbar fixed by Kui & Miliart :)...
Posted By: Miliart
Chatbar fixed by Kui & Miliart :)